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  • In gaelic the caidhp bháis (pronounced a number of ways as always but kye-p wawsh is probably most useful) means cap of death. To put the kibosh on something is to put the cap of death on it.

    January 9, 2015

  • According to the company glenmorangie means Glen of Tranquility from the gaelic "Gleann mór na sith" (Pronounced Gle-ann moor na shih), Big Glen of the Peace. There was a case however brought to the Advertising Standards Agency by a Midlothian man claiming this translation incorrect and misrepresenting the gaelic language. He claimed, was verified by an independant translator and agreed with by the ASA that the etymology was more likely Gleann mór innse (Gle-ann moor in-sher) or Big glen of the water meadow.

    (apologies if my gaelic orthography is hibernocentric. Níl ach gaedhilg amhain!)

    January 9, 2015

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