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  • strangely, i thought this word was germane to the word vegetation

    April 11, 2008

  • It takes guts to retain your equanimity when you are struck by investive

    April 10, 2008

  • something that is jejune is dull, uninteresting, unsatisfying, devoid of nourishment, substance, and significance. A Jejune speech will definitely leave you BLASE

    April 9, 2008

  • I'm surprised I'm the first one to list this word

    April 9, 2008

  • amazingly enough, all these L words are licentious and sexy: Lickerish, Lascivious, Libertine, Lustful, Lewd, Loose, Lecherous, Lubricious, Libidinous

    April 9, 2008

  • The meaning of Jejune, a young and naive person, is now obsolete. The current meaning is Vapid ( lacking juices)

    April 9, 2008

  • April 9, 2008

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