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  • proper n. A male given name.
  • proper n. A common nickname suggesting skill, particularly among airplane pilots.


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  • Test-marketed under the title Ace in the Hole, The Big Carnival turned out to be too bitter a pill for audiences to swallow.

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • The term Ace uses for the anti-torture contingent is "torture hysterics," as featured in this sentence: "One of the lies the torture hysterics have been peddling for years is that torture never works.

    The pro-torture contingent unmasks itself

  • Like Rabbit Angstrom, Ace is a former high school basketball hero no longer in the spotlight.

    Updike, John

  • Ace is less astute than Rabbit, and it's unlikely that as written his character could have developed the alertness to his situation that made it possible for Rabbit to be the center of a full-length novel.

    Updike, John

  • In some games, the Ace is of lower value than the 2, or can go high and/or low.

    Best Poker Hands – For Basic Poker & Most Game Variants | Poker Hands

  • Now little ol 'Ace is all grown up and has his own radio show and everything -- but you'll want to check out these cute snapshots from when he was just knee-high to a bloghopper and hadn't yet mastered singular pronouns.

    Phony Veterans and POW's - Article Index

  • She's a full-grown female, but she's a small female and Ace is a large male, so that gives you an idea of the size range in the breed.

    i do my best but i am made of mistakes

  • Ace is Missing - Before you start this trick you need to hide the Ace of diamonds away from where you are doing your trick, but not too far away.

    Five Easy Effective Card Tricks | myFiveBest

  • Ace is right: Sanford, like the majority of republicans are always "all about me".

    Sanford should stay, two top South Carolina papers say

  • But she did get a sexy "OSI" badge, and Ace is calling it the "OSI Series," which is encouraging.

    Cover Goodness


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