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  • n. Any of several North American freshwater fishes of the family Centrarchidae, related to but larger than the sunfishes.
  • n. Any of various marine fishes of the family Serranidae, such as the sea bass and the striped bass.
  • n. A low-pitched sound or tone.
  • n. The tones in the lowest register of an instrument.
  • n. A male singing voice of the lowest range.
  • n. A singer who has such a voice.
  • n. An instrument that sounds within this range.
  • n. A vocal or instrumental part written within this range.
  • n. An instrument, especially a double bass, that produces tones in a low register.
  • adj. Having a deep tone.
  • adj. Low in pitch.

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  • adj. Of sound, a voice or an instrument, low in pitch or frequency.
  • n. A low spectrum of sound tones.
  • n. A section of musical group that produces low-pitched sound, lower than tenor.
  • n. A male singer who sings in the bass range.
  • n. An instrument that plays in the bass range, in particular a double bass, bass guitar, electric bass or bass synthesiser.
  • n. The clef sign that indicates that the pitch of the notes is below middle C; a bass clef.
  • v. To sound in a deep tone.
  • n. The perch; any of various marine and freshwater fish resembling the perch, all within the order of Perciformes.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Deep or grave in tone.
  • n. An edible, spiny-finned fish, esp. of the genera Roccus, Labrax, and related genera. There are many species.
  • n. The two American fresh-water species of black bass (genus Micropterus). See Black bass.
  • n. Species of Serranus, the sea bass and rock bass. See Sea bass.
  • n. The southern, red, or channel bass (Sciæna ocellata). See Redfish.
  • n. The linden or lime tree, sometimes wrongly called whitewood; also, its bark, which is used for making mats. See bast.
  • n. A hassock or thick mat.
  • n. A bass, or deep, sound or tone.
  • n.
  • n. The lowest part in a musical composition.
  • n. One who sings, or the instrument which plays, bass.
  • transitive v. To sound in a deep tone.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In music, low; deep; grave.
  • n. In music, the lowest part in the harmony of a musical composition, whether vocal or instrumental.
  • n. A male voice of the lowest or gravest kind, having a compass of about two octaves from the second F below middle C, or lower.
  • n. A singer having such a voice.
  • n. A musical instrument of any class having a deep, grave tone, excelled in gravity only by the contrabass.
  • n. Same as bass clef (which see, under clef).
  • To sing or play the bass part of; accompany with the bass.
  • To sound in a deep tone.
  • To take the bass part in a concerted piece of music: as, he basses very steadily.
  • To kiss.
  • n. Originally, the perch, but now restricted to fishes more or less like the true perch.
  • n. Same as bast.
  • n. The American linden or lime-tree, Tilia Americana. See basswood.
  • n. A mat made of bass or bast; a bass-mat; hence, any thick mat or matting; formerly, a straw hassock or cushion.
  • n. In coal-mining, black carbonaceous shale.
  • n. A kiss; a buss.
  • n. The commercial name of a fiber, resembling horsehair or wire, obtained from the sheathing leaf-bases or the leaf-stalks of certain palms. It is dark brown or black in color, and is used for brooms, brushes, ropes, and cables. Also called piassava. See bast-palm, piassava, and bassine.

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  • n. the lowest part of the musical range
  • adj. having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range
  • n. the lean flesh of a saltwater fish of the family Serranidae
  • n. the lowest adult male singing voice
  • n. the member with the lowest range of a family of musical instruments
  • n. the lowest part in polyphonic music
  • n. nontechnical name for any of numerous edible marine and freshwater spiny-finned fishes
  • n. an adult male singer with the lowest voice
  • n. any of various North American freshwater fish with lean flesh (especially of the genus Micropterus)


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English *bars, perch, from Old English bærs.
Middle English bas, lowest musical part, from bas, low; see base2.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Italian basso ("low"), from Latin bassus ("low").



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