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  • n. A 16-foot organ stop yielding stringlike tones similar to those of a cello.

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  • n. An early stringed instrument similar to a double bass; a double bass viol

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  • n. The largest instrument of the bass-viol kind, having strings tuned an octave below those of the violoncello; the contrabasso; -- called also double bass.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The largest of the medieval viols; a double-bass viol.
  • n. In organ-building, a pedal stop of sixteenfeet tone, resembling the violoncello.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Italian, augmentative of viola, viola; see viola1.


  • And No. 6 is a marvel, its dark hues never eclipsing the dancelike rhythms of the music and the fascinating interplay among viola, cello, viola da gamba and violone.

    On CD: Gardiner leads the Brandenburgs

  • The violin, however, weak of voice as it is, always carries the day, and the other instruments steal discontentedly back to their secondary places, the snuffy old violone keeping up a constant growl at its ill luck, and the trombone now and then leaping out like a tiger on its prey.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 03, No. 18, April, 1859

  • A violone grunts out a low accompaniment to a vinegar-sharp violin which saws out the air, while a trumpet blares in at intervals to endeavor to unite the two, and a flute does what it can, but not what it would.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 03, No. 18, April, 1859

  • Of these the earliest known is a “Romanesca per violone Solo e Basso se piaci,” and some dances, by Biagio Marini, published in 1620.

    Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday

  • Sileno sang the upper part and accompanied himself on the violone, while the lower parts were given to other instruments.

    Some Forerunners of Italian Opera

  • Kyprianides-Potter, violoncello Phil Spray, violone Juan Mesa, harpsichord Recorded on - Articles related to Chile Rejects Church Call to Pardon Officials

  • Featuring Elizabeth Blumenstock and Katherine Kyme, baroque violins; Lisa Grodin, baroque viola, Joanna Blendulf, baroque cello; William Skeen, violone; Hanneke van Proosdij, chamber organ; David Tayler, theorbo. - Articles related to Michael Jackson's attorney Peter Lopez dead from apparent suicide in Encino

  • The score leaves a great many editorial decisions to the conductor, and Curnyn executes all of them stylishly at the head of a 10-member ensemble of violins, violas, viola da gamba, theorbos, violone and a second harpsichord. -

  • Of the Lacedemonians, accordyng as Tucidido affirmeth, in their armies were used Flutes: for that thei judged, that this armonie, was moste mete to make their armie to procede with gravetie, and with furie: the Carthaginens beyng moved by this verie same reason, in the first assaulte, used the violone.

    Machiavelli, Volume I

  • Aliatte kyng of the Lidians, used in the warre the violone, and the

    Machiavelli, Volume I


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  • Also known as a double bass.

    March 20, 2008