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  • n. Voice; used in the expressions voce di petto, the chest-voice, voce di testa, the head-voice, and voce velata, the veiled voice.


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  • A voce was a wonderful experience; I went to dinner with my wife last week and I had terrific time.

    A Voce: 211 lewinskibillion stars

  • Yes, you find criticism at sea, and even appreciation -- I tell you everything is to be found on salt water -- criticism generally impromptu, and always viva voce, which is the outward, obvious difference from the literary operation of that kind, with consequent freshness and vigour which may be lacking in the printed word.

    A Personal Record

  • That includes the fashionable argument, promoted sotto voce by the White House, that the killing of bin Laden means that Afghanistan is less important to the war on terror.

    Obama's Afghan Choice

  • There are light moments, but you're more likely to remember the somber ones: Bailey pleading sotto voce with a father to hug his dying child and accept the inevitable, or another character finding a way to say "I love you" when the words themselves won't work.

    'Grey's Anatomy' finally snaps out of its moribund state

  • Such deserts of time stretched between myself then and my adult self that more drastic personal revolutions than a mere change in skin color would have to take place between then and the imagined now to transform me from a child who played with her toes to the dignified woman who could instill awe into the hearts of her unruly family with a few sotto voce threats and a confusingly sexy stare-down.

    Larissa Archer: On Not Marrying

  • While attending a lecture delivered at Georgetown University by Professor Michael Eric Dyson, a woman sitting directly behind me expressed, in a-not-so sotto voce her admiration for Michelle Obama because she was an authentic black woman.

    Janet Langhart Cohen: Authentically Black

  • In Paris because President Nicolas Sarkozy needs a voter-proof Chancellor Angela Merkel to press forward with their plans to harmonize taxes in, and centralize economic management of, the euro zone sotto voce : in Franco-German hands, a long-held goal of French policy.

    One-Size Monetary Policy Rarely Fits All

  • Gigot: And he feels that Secretary of State Powell, who left after the first term--he feels that Secretary Powell and his deputy, Richard Armitage, undermined the administration in the first term by their criticism, sotto voce, in the media and internally about the war in Iraq and then afterwards the-

    'Go Big,' Says Big Labor

  • Fans will appreciate angles on races as well as scenes—angry prerace meetings between drivers and officials, sotto voce consultations in garages—that were never broadcast.

    'Aggression With Lucidity'

  • Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.

    Mayor McGinn: I Understand the Budget, the Council Doesn’t « PubliCola


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