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  • noun A male singer or voice with a range higher than a bass and lower than a tenor.
  • noun An instrument that sounds within this range.
  • noun A vocal or instrumental part written in this range.
  • noun A valved brass instrument similar to but larger than the euphonium.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • See barytone.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • See barytone.

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  • noun The male voice between tenor and bass
  • noun The musical range between tenor and bass
  • noun A person, instrument, or group that performs in the range between tenor and bass
  • noun Specifically, a brass instrument similar to the euphonium, but with a cylindrical bore instead of a conical one.

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  • noun the second lowest brass wind instrument
  • noun a male singer
  • adjective lower in range than tenor and higher than bass
  • noun the second lowest adult male singing voice


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Italian baritono, from Greek barutonos, deep sounding : barus, heavy; see gwerə-1 in Indo-European roots + tonos, tone; see tone.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Ancient Greek βαρύτονος, from βαρύς ("heavy") + τόνος ("tone").


  • It is hoped that Domingo will be fit to return to the Royal Opera House in June, when he is due to take on the title baritone title role in Verdi's 1881 version of

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  • His warm, grainy baritone is still so closely identified with such familiar ballads as "Stardust" and "The Christmas Song" that it 's hard to imagine anyone else performing them.

    Unforgettable in More Than One Way

  • Mr. Elling's treatments of standards (like "Stairway to the Stars") are amazingly straightforward and heartfelt — and his baritone is deep and warm.

    Comebacks and Co-Conspirators

  • Jason, this pieces has definite heart and soul, along with some good writing, especially the line – “His rich, velvety baritone is almost edible.” jennifer walmsley Says:

    AND THE WELL RUNS DEEP • by Jason Stout

  • Its big tune, a duet for tenor and baritone, is apparently England's perennial number one favorite.

    Brahma, mon dieux!

  • Conrad Cheek Jr., who many Hill staffers know as the baritone hawking Street Sense newspapers around Capitol Hill.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Steve King, Golden Voices And Smelly New Hampshire

  • He was phenomenal, because I played this instrument called the baritone horn and he was told he had to understudy me in five days.

    CNN Transcript Jun 17, 2008

  • From Ken Burns's epochal series "The Civil War" to "The American Experience," his baritone is the voice of the past for two generations of PBS viewers.

    Rethinking Washington

  • In the center of everything is Roberts 'rich baritone, which is instantly recognizable.


  • And on top of it all is Brock Boss 'baritone, which is of a rare quality you might expect to hear from British post-punk outfits.



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