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  • adjective Of, relating to, or in accordance with liturgy.
  • adjective Using or used in liturgy.

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  • Of or pertaining to a liturgy, in the ancient Greek sense of that word. See liturgy, 1.
  • Of or pertaining to sacrificial or eucharistic worship; in a wider sense, used in, prepared for, or pertaining to worship or religious ceremonies in general. All services of public worship have sometimes been called liturgical.
  • Specifically, pertaining to or employing a fixed or prescribed liturgy, or pertaining to public worship conducted in accordance with such a liturgy.
  • Noting a part of a public religious exercise that is explicitly directed to the deity rather than to the worshiper: opposed to didactic or homiletic.

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  • adjective Pertaining to liturgy.

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  • adjective of or relating to or in accord with liturgy


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  • Many of the powers-that-be seem embarrassed by our continued presence, as if a whiff of the old pious practices might reverse what they call the liturgical "progress" of the past four decades.

    Quest for a traditional Latin Nuptial Mass

  • He also left the famous "Carmina" proposals to be used above all in liturgical celebrations.

    Benedict on the Liturgy: "The Faith is not only thought"

  • In the world of music, there might have been a time when you could look for someone with a degree in liturgical music or music from a Catholic university and trust that the person would come out well trained and ready.

    How to Hire a Parish Musician

  • It is meant to help pastors, architects, artists, members of building committees, seminarians, and everyone interested in liturgical art and architecture come to grips with the many competing themes which are at work in church buildings today.

    Catholic Church Architecture and the Spirit of the Liturgy

  • Whereas during most of their history after publication they tended to be heard as a series of pieces for organ, their original place was in liturgical context.

    Metropolitan Cathedral of Edinburgh

  • Without excluding a proper manifestation of these things, I would take this opportunity to again propose that as regards the altar itself, far better and far more liturgical is it to do so by vesting the altar with a proper altar frontal, letting the colour of the liturgical season speak to the time in the liturgical year.

    Seasonal and Festal Decoration of Altars and Sanctuaries

  • For those of you interested in liturgical photographs and ceremonial coming from Catholic France, and in particular, attached to the usus antiquior, you may be interested in a new French language blog, Photos des cérémonies de Saint-Eugène which chronicles the liturgical life of the parish of St-Eugène in Paris, France -- a parish which we have featured many times before, and which one amongst the NLM writers is actively involved in.

    The Ceremonies of St-Eugène, Paris

  • Experts in liturgical and canon law are asked to let me know if I've overlooked something in my reply.

    On "Private" Masses

  • Thus those involved in liturgical preparations oftentimes confine themselves to the selection of hymns as their first priority and neglect the singing of ritual texts.

    Can Hymns Licitly Replace Propers?

  • As we proceed within liturgical time, and we sit within the season of Easter, my mind begins to turn to the events of the Gospel which lead us toward the time of Pentecost.

    The 2009 Chartres Pilgrimage of Pentecost: It's Coming


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