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  • The second-largest continent, connected to Asia by the Isthmus of Suez and lying between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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  • proper noun historical A province of the Roman Empire containing what is now modern Tunisia and portions of Libya.
  • proper noun The continent that is south of Europe, east of the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Indian Ocean and north of Antarctica. It holds the following countries:

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  • noun the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean


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  • A Western Liberal and 'The Good Man in Africa' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'A Western Liberal and \'The Good Man in Africa\ ''; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: Preconceived ideas coupled with generalizations are a surefire way to cause problems for the intended recipients of The Golden Rule - itself a mistake - and gain the generator hirself nothing, often even resulting in a loss of money, time, goodwill and unhappiness long term.'

    A Western Liberal and 'The Good Man in Africa'

  • CLANCY: Trevor Ncube, I want to thank you very much for coming in, talking with us here on INSIDE AFRICA and sharing your expertise and some of the best contacts in all of southern Africa for what is going on inside Zimbabwe.

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  • JEFF KOINANGE, CNN AFRICA CORRESPONDENT: I've been covering Africa now more than a dozen years.

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  • EDITOR, AFRICA INVESTOR MAGAZINE: I think Africa is slowly getting on to the radar screen of international investors.

    CNN Transcript Jun 16, 2007

  • /AFRICA: Even with the challenges that are out there, this event shows that economic development, trade and investment, this is what Africa wants.

    CNN Transcript May 27, 2006

  • JEFF KOINANGE, CNN AFRICA CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Twelve - year-old Koketso Motshoane is just one of 48 million orphans in Africa.

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