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  • proper n. A transliteration of the Russian male given name Анатолий.


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Transliteration of Russian Анатолий (Anatólij), from Ancient Greek ἀνατολή (anatolē, "sunrise"). Cognate with English Anatole and English and Latin Anatolius.


  • At the Moscow conference, Anatoli Brouchkov, a permafrost expert at Moscow State University 'said that climate change is eroding the permafrost, the frozen soil layer essential for construction in the Russian Arctic "About 50 percent of the buildings in the Russian Far North are damaged," said Brouchkov.

    Russians Take Another Look at Global Warming

  • "This only happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union," says Anatoli Kovalenko.

    Coming Home to Chernobyl’s Desolation Zone

  • Anatoli Natan Sharansky was twenty-nine years old when he was seized by the Russian secret police, the KGB, taken to Lefortovo prison, stripped naked and searched, and told that he was being charged with treason, a capital offense.


  • A plane dropped water over a forest fire in Anatoli village, northeast of Athens.

    Battling the Flames in Greece

  • University of Helsinki chemist Anatoli Bogdan reports that cells, tissues, and perhaps the body, could be cryopreserved without suffering damage from ice crystals.

    Boing Boing

  • To get some idea what this means, see Anatoli Boukreev.

    Climate Change – Evidence from High Altitude

  • Anatoli hadn't survived as a prison guard for as long as he had without taking every precaution in his work, even when precaution seemed superfluous.

    The Chronicles of Riddick

  • It was the guard Anatoli who, after stepping around an unexpected headless body lying between the sled rails, noted the mole hole.

    The Chronicles of Riddick

  • Anatoli, "he instructed the guard tech," find our new friends some slots.

    The Chronicles of Riddick

  • In a moment, Douruba and Anatoli had made their way up to join the first man.

    The Chronicles of Riddick


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