from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Same as booly.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. See booly.


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  • His trademark -- untamed long curls falling loosely from underneath the bright yellow silk turban, he hummed a favourite tune Sheye choleye gecheye boley ...

    A Death Of A Body Not Of A Soul

  • Boleh je jual beli rumah yg leasehold but tak byk investor interested in leasehold menyebabkan low liquidity (less transaction), so tak boley nk mark-up sgt harga jual.

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  • Windi: secuil yang banyak … hehehe boley di refer ...

    Komunitas Muslimblog

  • Shobai miley, katha boley … Usually, I write my films and I direct them and so every creative decision rests with me.


  • Maybe boley lah compare ASB dgn emas sbb price structure dia amat generalise, but never do the same to saham, hartanah, tanah, forex or apa-apa yg tak boleh di-general-kan. kalau nak compare gak, better do it in more granular way mcm perbandingan Saham Bank Islam vs Condo Troika KLCC vs Tanah kat Pulau Sipadan; kalau this one I can tell you mana lagi menguntungkan la; tu pun the answer subject to apa-apa fundamental change.

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  • We also had some general account boley [ph] and we had a decrease in the crediting rate, but only because the investments of the insurance companies aren't less than in the prior quarter. Home Page

  • I think likely now to sit and wait on any other major moves until after the draft. have to have a safety to compete in this pass happy league. speed is the key - great move and great sign that these owners are willing to react to what is available. could rolando now fall to us in the draft since the dolphins got their lb. i like him better than dansby anyway - that would be a great offseason. sintim steps up, boley is healthy, ross comes back and webster and thomas and the defense with a new leader should rebound nicely.

    NY Daily News


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