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  • proper noun A female given name.
  • proper noun The name of a prophetess who saw the infant Jesus.


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The Latinate and New Testament form of Ann, from Ἄννα (Anna), equal to the Hebrew female name חנה ("Hannah") of Old Testament, meaning "grace, gracious".


  • HOWARD K. STERN, ANNA NICOLE ` S ATTORNEY/COMPANION: It really bothered Anna when Virgie went to the media and said that either Anna or I had murdered Daniel.

    CNN Transcript Apr 9, 2007

  • LARRY BIRKHEAD, EX-BOYFRIEND OF ANNA NICOLE SMITH: I think it's just -- we all understand that we all loved Anna.

    CNN Transcript Feb 22, 2007

  • BOBBY TRENDY, FRIEND OF ANNA NICOLE: Anna never talked to me about her relationship with Virgie.

    CNN Transcript Mar 2, 2007

  • HOWARD K. STERN, LAWYER FOR ANNA NICOLE SMITH: Anna in a lot of ways thought she would die young.

    CNN Transcript Mar 8, 2007

  • ALEX DENK, BODYGUARD TO ANNA NICOLE: I never spoke to anybody about Anna and I because we had a very private, intimate relationship.

    CNN Transcript Feb 14, 2007

  • BOBBY TRENDY, ANNA NICOLE SMITH ` S DECORATOR: There ` s so much drama around Anna and them, if it wasn ` t for bad luck, they wouldn ` t have any at all.

    CNN Transcript Nov 30, 2006

  • Whenever Mr. Bennett succeeds in offering us detail at once so true and so exquisite as the detail which paints the household of Lissy-Gory in _War and Peace_, or the visit of Dolly to Anna and Wronsky in _Anna Karénin_, or the nursing of the dying Nicolas by Kitty and Levin, he will have justified his method -- with all its _longueurs_.

    A Writer's Recollections — Volume 2

  • However, one bug introduced by this update (I'm pretty sure) is that now backspacing of a hotstring doesn't work: e.g. type anna, get it converted to Anna by hotstrings ( "\bann (a | e)", "Ann\%$1\%") rule, but then if backspace is pressed immediately, the character before Anna is deleted rather than the last

    AutoHotkey Community

  • ANNA, Ill. - Charles David Friedline, 83, of Anna died Saturday, Jan. 10, 2009, at the City Care Center in Anna. Headlines

  • ANNA, Ill. -- Beulah S. Rothschild, 94, of Anna died Thursday, 24, 2009, at Union County Nursing Home in Anna. Headlines


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