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  • noun etc. See armor, etc.

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  • verb equip with armor
  • noun a military unit consisting of armored fighting vehicles
  • noun protective covering made of metal and used in combat
  • noun tough more-or-less rigid protective covering of an animal or plant


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  • And Mine Own then to bring mine armour to me, which she had scoured very nice; but truly, the Armour did be sore broke and bent, and did be jagged inward this place and that, with the monstrous strength of the Humpt Men, when that they did strike me with the great sharp stones.

    The Night Land: Chapter 14

  • NEW YORK: The world's most comprehensive collection of armour, weaponry and art covering 700 years of Japan's fabled Samurai culture goes on exhibit this week at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armour, 1156-1868" will open Wednesday, showcasing "214 masterpieces, including 34 national treasures, 64 important cultural properties, and six important art objects," the museum said in a statement.

    Channel NewsAsia Front Page News

  • Powered Armour is probably going to be very expensive.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Prepping for Pucka.

  • CRSA found what they were looking for in Armour Transport.

    Trade with India through the Port of Halifax

  • Armour is convinced that the method of developing software must change because the traditional way doesn't work, he proposes and demonstrates that software is knowledge, and he claims that developing software is learning.

    Software as a repository of knowledge

  • There is ye Effiges of their 2 sonnes, Lord Beachom at their head and Lord Seymour at ye feete in Armour on their knees, and severall Daughters on their knees at ye bottom and 12 pillars of Irish gray marble.

    Through England on a Side Saddle in the Time of William and Mary

  • And indeed, as Farrell noted, Leach does not have strong ties to the Maryland area, other than his reportedly strong ties to Under Armour, which is based in Baltimore.

    How the coaching change will affect Maryland football recruiting

  • Equally as maddening is the ignorance that abounds in the medical community about a treatment that has removed those lingering hypothyroid symptoms: a grassroots return to prescription desiccated natural thyroid aka Armour, Naturethroid, etc. -- the very hypothyroid treatment that was successful for decades before it was replaced.

    Synthroid Sucks! The Rallying Cry of Thyroid Patients vs. Clueless Doctors

  • Granted, the percentage of T3 in Armour, which is derived from porcine thyroid, is slightly greater than human amounts, but since when is being treated with nothing more than a storage hormone (T4) "consistent with normal physiology", ask patient advocates, wise doctors, and educated patients around the world?

    UK's Royal College of Physicians a nightmare for thyroid patients

  • We cleaned up the yeast with antifungals (medications used to kill yeast and other fungus in the gut); boosted estrogen detoxification with vitamin B6, folate, and magnesium; supported her liver detoxification with herbs and essential fats like evening primrose oil, an anti-inflammatory omega-6 fat; cleaned up her sinuses with salt water irrigation; and gave her a small dose of bioidentical* thyroid hormone called Armour thyroid (see chapter 7).

    The UltraMind Solution


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