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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Emberizidae.


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  • It was named "Yariguies Brush-Finch," with the scientific name Atlapetes latinuchus yariguierum.

    I'm not the one making this up

  • Endemic bird species include the thick-billed parrot (Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha) which is in danger of extinction, with population estimates as low as 500 pairs, the tufted jay (Cyanocorax dickeyi), eared quetzal (Euptilptis neoxenus) and the green-striped brush finch (Atlapetes virenticeps).

    Sierra Madre Occidental pine-oak forests

  • Stattersfield lists Sierra Madre sparrow (Xenospiza baileyi) and the green-stripe brush finch (Atlapetes virenticeps) as restricted to this ecoregion and Sierra Madre Occidental.

    Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt pine-oak forests

  • Pale-headed Brush-finch Atlapetes pallidiceps is not extinct.

    Ecuadorian dry forests

  • In the Yunguilla Valley one might find Atlapetes pallidiceps, or in the Sozoranga and Celica parts of the ecoregions for example Syndactyla ruficollis, Hemispingus piurae, Myrmeciza griseiceps, Saltator nigriceps, and Atlapetes seebohmi.

    Ecuadorian dry forests

  • Texas, and 1 per cent (Aztec Thrush and Rufous-capped Atlapetes) is endemic to the Republic of México.

    Birds from Coahuila, Mexico

  • The Rufous-capped Atlapetes occurs uncommonly in southeastern Coahuila.

    Birds from Coahuila, Mexico

  • (Atlapetes latinuchus yariguierum), a large and colorful finch with black, yellow and red plumage, is described in the June issue of the scientific journal Bulletin of the British Ornithologists Club. News

  • The most critically endangered species are Atlapetes pallidiceps, Hemispingus piurae and Myrmeciza griseiceps, all related to bamboo thickets in specific parts of the ecoregion’s southwest, but the dry forest harbors a number of other endangered, vulnerable and near-threatened species.

    Ecuadorian dry forests


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  • Atlapetes is the generic epithet of 27 species of Latin American Emberizidae, which are nominated brush-finches (montane bird — Gk. Atlas = mythic Titan king of Mauretania, who was transformed into a mountain; pεtēnόn = a bird).

    June 2, 2012