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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the subfamily Chenopodioideae — the orach plants.

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  • n. a genus of plants of the goosefoot family (Chenopodiaceae); its members include species called orach and saltbush.

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  • n. A large genus of plants, natural order Chenopodiaceæ, mostly mealy or scurfy herbs or low shrubs, growing usually in saline localities, and of very little importance.

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  • n. orach; saltbush


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  • On the cliffs that benefit more from the accumulation of moisture, the vegetation is denser and consists of bushes such as Atriplex spp.,

    San Félix-San Ambrosio Islands temperate forests

  • Species include Aristolochia rotunda (Smearwort); Atriplex prostrata (Spear-leaved Orache); and Chenopodium album (White Goosefoot).

    Waiter, there's poison in my soup

  • Threatened species, or those at the limit of their biogeographic range include Stephanomeria runcinata, Atriplex powellii, Orobanche ludoviciana, A. suckleyi, Oryzopsis micrantha, Lupinus pusillus, Plantago elongata, Muhlenbergia racemosa, Erigonium cernuum and Antennaria dimorpha.

    Dinosaur Provincial Park, Canada

  • Vegetation below 3,000 ft (900 m) in the Mojave Desert is mostly creosote bush and various Atriplex (saltbush) species.

    American Semidesert and Desert Province (Bailey)

  • Two communities are distinguished on the upper plain: very dense Thamnoseris-Atriplex and less dense Atriplex, Lycapsus tenuifolius (Asteraceae) and Eragrostis spp.

    San Félix-San Ambrosio Islands temperate forests

  • The most frequent plants are Eragrostis peruviana (Poaceae) and the endemic plants Atriplex chapinii, Thamnoseris lacerata and Cristaria insularis (Malvaceae).

    San Félix-San Ambrosio Islands temperate forests

  • The fringe of salt marshes that remains commonly has salt grass (Distichlis spicata), salt bush (Atriplex patula), pickleweed (Salicornia virginica) and seaside arrowgrass (Triglochin maritimum), among others.

    Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Washington

  • Dune vegetation includes Larrea tridentata, Atriplex barclayana, Asclepia subulata and Nicolletia trifida, among other species.

    Baja California desert

  • Common dominant genera and families include Astrebla, Eragrostis, Asteracea, Sclerolaeana, and Atriplex.

    Simpson desert

  • Along the coast, halophytic species such as Suaeda, Atriplex, and Zygophyllum are common, together with plants such as Salsola longifolia, Heliotropium undulatum, and Lycium intricatum.

    Atlantic coastal desert


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