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  • An incised ochre cave painting dated at 100,000 B.C, which is also the generally accepted date for the rise of Homo sapiens.

    Legends of the Sun

  • The most impressive item here is a copy of a British Museum stone relief of a Parthenon panel featuring ceremonial horseback riders from about 430 B.C.

    Tracking Equine Evolution

  • Now the Monroe County Medical Examiner's office said the results of radiocarbon dating tests are in and the bones are much older -- about 2,400 years -- placing them in the time period of 200-440 B.C.

    Human Bones Found in Florida Yard Date Back 2,400 Years

  • This re-fashioning genius can be physically experienced today in the Hippodrome of Istanbul—the Roman race track, almost in the shadow of the Hagia Sophia— where Greek and Latin inscriptions appear on the base of an obelisk that originally commemorated a pharaonic military victory of the second millennium B.C.

    The Glories of Byzantium

  • But he was also known to contemporaries as a teacher of aristocrats—including Alcibiades and Critias, who became enemies of the Athenian democracy, the latter in a blood-drenched postwar coup d'état in 404-03 B.C.

    Handing Out Knives to Madmen

  • Such memory athletes, using the "memory palace" method known to the ancients and first described by Simonides of Ceos around 500 B.C, convert concepts into distinctive images—the more lurid, the better—which they mentally place into actual locations they know well.

    In the Memory Palace

  • "This mask was made from fine sandstone," reads the description of a mask from the 10th to 13th centuries B.C.

    Following controversy, mummies at Penn Museum remain objects of mystery

  • Breasted's "History" ends, rather poetically, with the Persian occupation of Egypt in 525 B.C.

    Beyond the Pharaohs

  • The ancient Egyptian language was written and spoken for two-thirds of recorded human history, and a great volume of economic and legal records are preserved in papyri and inscriptions, including some spectacular documents that go back to 2000 B.C.

    Beyond the Pharaohs

  • Lapis lazuli necklace with gold pendants from Ur, Iraq, Sumerian civilization 2900-2350 B.C.

    Golden Years


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