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  • First use of Beowulf Cluster in computing: 1994

    Looking up the earliest use of 'Beowulf Cluster'.

    1 earkt find is 1995

    "1995 IEEE Aerospace Applications Conference: Proceedings : February 4--February 11, 1995, Snowmass at Aspen, Colorado, Volumes 1-2"

    The Beowulf project was started in 1994 at NASA

    "In 1994, a team was put together at GSFC to build a

    cluster consisting only of commodity hardware (PC’s)

    running LINUX, which resulted in the first Beowulf cluster

    (later renamed Wiglaf). It consisted of 16 100Mhz 486DX4-

    based PC’s. The PC’s were connected with 2 hub-based

    Ethernet networks tied together with channel bonding

    software so that the 2 networks acted like one network

    running at twice the speed. This demonstration cluster

    showed that one could utilize commodity hardware to build a

    very cost effective, moderately fast computing platform. The

    next year a 16 PC cluster, Beowulf II, Hrothgar, based on

    100Mhz Pentiums was built and was about 3 times faster, but

    also demonstrated a reliability comparable to the previously

    mentioned MasPar MP-2"

    May 1, 2013