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  • proper n. The political ideology attributed to the governments of British Prime Minister Tony Blair 1997-2007, characterised by, among other things, the Third Way, supporting the United States President George W Bush


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Blair + -ism


  • The word Blairism reflects a yearning to fit politics into a conceptual straitjacket, but it is a misnomer resulting from Britain's archaic political conversation.

    Simon Jenkins: No Such Thing as Blairism

  • "Blairism," rather make Britain safe for Thatcherism for another decade.

    Simon Jenkins: No Such Thing as Blairism

  • And I hope, after 9 years of 'Blairism', that the party he led will finally work that out.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • The public has had it up to here with Blairism, meaning the politics he personified - dishonesty, celebrity, slickness, money-grubbing vacuity.


  • According to leaks, it will represent a return to 'Blairism', with law and order high on the agenda, along with a promise not to raise income tax.

    The First Post: Latest

  • Contesting the meaning of 'Blairism' is a coming debate and one to watch out for.

    Spectator Live

  • Economic "Blairism" was also defined by opposition to increasing taxes.


  • Miliband himself suggested that such was the disillusionment in the Liberal Democrat ranks that it would be possible to build the Labour party membership – currently around 170,000 – back to the 400,000 level reached in 1997 at the zenith of Blairism.

    Doubts grow over referendum on electoral reform

  • • Fraser Nelson at Coffee House says that, in the light of Ed Miliband's victory, Blairism may come to be seen as "a weird blip in Labour Party's history".

    Labour conference live – Sunday 26 September

  • Some kids at the bottom of the ladder are deeply alienated, they've taken the message of Thatcherism and Blairism and the coalition: what you have to do is hustle.

    The Saturday interview: Stuart Hall


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