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  • n. A supporter of Tony Blair or his policies.
  • adj. Relating to Blairites or to Tony Blair's government and policies.


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From the surname of Tony Blair, British prime minister 1997-2007.


  • He opens the article with by saying that the term Blairite is being used, misleadingly, to


  • As various commentators consider Labour's prospects, the term "Blairite" is being deployed to characterise the policies and personalities of some who question the party's current direction and urge Labour to face the future.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • And it is worth pointing out that Gordon Brown stepping down represents the consummation of a short-term Blairite aim, which was to remove him in exactly the same way as Blair was removed.

    1931 again? No, a Lib Dem coalition could destroy Labour for good

  • One answer being put forward in Blairite circles yesterday is that the Prime Minister will dump his ultra-loyal Chancellor Alistair Darling - and bring in Vince Cable as a part of a deal with the Liberal Democrats.

    Vince Cable to become Chancellor?

  • Although this started out as a kids 'sitcom it developed into quite a funny take on life in Blairite Downing Street.

    My Top Ten Political SitComs

  • But players are no longer the loved symbols of an aspirational society we became so accustomed to in what you might call the Blairite David Beckham era.

    Carlos Tevez affair takes hammer to love, trust and loyalty | Paul Hayward

  • Although regularly labelled a Blairite, his position is far more complex.

    Labour’s cycle of deceit?

  • The party suffered a damaging split into so-called Blairite and Brownite clans.

    Labour Ends Its Longest Reign

  • Recently a friend asked one cabinet minister on the so-called Blairite wing whether he thought Mandelson would tell Brown that the game was up if polls suggested Labour was heading for electoral oblivion.

    Can Brown's inner circle be broken?

  • A former adviser to Mr. Brown's predecessor Tony Blair, Mr. Purnell is considered part of a so-called Blairite group who have often challenged Mr. Brown, accusing him of abandoning Mr. Blair's reform agenda.

    U.K. Minister Quits, Asks Brown to Resign


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