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  • French royal family descended from Louis I, Duke of Bourbon (1270?-1342), whose members have ruled in France (1589-1793 and 1814-1830), Spain (1700-1868, 1874-1931, and since 1975), and Naples and Sicily (1734-1860).
  • n. A sociopolitical reactionary, especially a southern Democrat with highly conservative views.
  • Bourbon, Duc Charles de 1490-1527. French general who served Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, led a failed invasion of France (1524), and was killed while leading a German-Spanish assault on Rome.

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  • proper n. The island of Réunion.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

After the Bourbon family.


  • 2. An Old Fashioned is even better with applejack than it is with bourbon, and with Basil Hayden's Bourbon, it's already pretty damn good.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • The general consensus seems to be that Bourbon is fine if it is all you can get, Bourbon is preferred when the vanilla is a backnote, and Tahitian is preferred when you really want to make vanilla the star.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • It sometimes seems as if we are back in Bourbon mode: they seem to have learnt nothing and forgotten everything.

    Archive 2007-06-17

  • I'm ashamed to admit I used to be under the impression that any whiskey calling itself "bourbon" had to, by law, have been distilled in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

    The First Flush - Anil Dash

  • Ann -- Bourbon is like liquid bacon as it also makes everything better!

    For Thanksgiving, sweet potato cheesecake | Homesick Texan

  • And the French took the vine to the islands off the coast of southeast Africa that now supply much of the world: Madagascar, Réunion, and Comoros, which collectively produce what is called Bourbon vanilla.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • Bourbon is in truth, simply a huge cone, the base of which is about forty leagues in circumference, while its gigantic mountain peaks rise to the height of ten thousand feet.


  • Zollikoffer was a Dutchwoman, and lived in Bourbon County,

    Echoes of the Week

  • M. de Bourbon is now but thirty-two, and Madame, the king's mother, cannot be more than forty at most, which is not too disproportioned an age for so great a lady, handsome, rich, and so highly qualified.

    The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre

  • Or maybe Bourbon is posing as Akai to try and trick Rena into confessing that she’s actually a CIA agent?

    Detective Conan: Manga File 700 to 704 – The “Target Located” arc « Undercover


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