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  • n. An isolated or backward location; the middle of nowhere.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Variant of bumfuck ("isolated, backwards location; literally, anal intercourse"), replacing vulgar (in this context) bum ("buttocks") with gentler, more humorous bumble ("move clumsily").


  • Here around Chicago, our term is/was "Bumblefuck" to describe a town way way out there.deadsongs. vue.30

    The WELL: Brown Eyed Women

  • As in, getting a job that really rocks my socks, moving out of Bumblefuck, experiencing regular happiness, rather than the few hours I get when I see my friends every few weeks, moving away from the high school atmosphere of Retail Job, maybe even meeting a boy and exchanging kisses on a regular basis and not being the girl you just hook up with.

    Letters for a new year. «

  • My character background for Adona is that she spent her first fourteen years on a pig farm in Bumblefuck, Silesia.

    exciting D&D news

  • That aside (and only if the planets align and I end up there instead of Bumblefuck, Mississippi), Catie, Tiffany, and Heather had better be ready for long-term Jo-ness in their city.

    chicagojo Diary Entry

  • Whats turkey day like in Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania?


  • It was like when Jasmine was updating files and had to call people like, "Excuse me, sir, are you still at 666 Bumblefuck Road?" only you aren't supposed to ask leading questions like that.

    anne-jumps Diary Entry

  • Hell, I keep hearing of new poker destinations and my mind keeps wondering what it would like to live in Bumblefuck, PA or Oldsville, FL.

    High On Poker

  • Let's hope the new job involves her skanky ass moving to Bumblefuck, Idaho.

    Too Disgusting to Contemplate, Too Compelling to Ignore

  • A porn producer in Los Angeles, whose product may be shipped all over the country, has no way of knowing whether the possession and sale of their video will violate the law in Bumblefuck, Tennessee.

    The Blowfish Blog

  • Between West Bumblefuck and home, Sirius pooped in the car.

    So anyway...


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