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  • n. Plural form of Burman.


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  • The Karens, as well as other ethnic groups, actually arrived in Burma before the majority group known as the Burmans (as opposed to the Burmese, all the citizens of Burma).

    Russ Wellen: Karen Independence Movement: Seven Decades Of Futility? (Pt. 2)

  • The Burmans are a sunny, happy people, as you see, who hope for a good time here, and a good time in the worlds to come.

    The Road to Mandalay A Tale of Burma

  • The consequence was that in issuing the order for the new levy a bounty of twenty pounds, which to the Burmans was a very large sum, was offered to each man who obeyed the call.

    On the Irrawaddy A Story of the First Burmese War

  • For my own part, I know little about Buddhism, but I can see that the Burmans are a religious people, much given to worship and offerings, and with a good deal of gaiety in their ceremonies; but, Aunt Flora, although they are delightfully picturesque, and so merry and cheerful, as a mass they are terribly pleasure-loving and lazy; no Burman will work if he can help it; even the women are difficult to get hold of.

    The Road to Mandalay A Tale of Burma

  • It matters how Burma's rulers, all of them ethnic Burmans that make up the country's majority, describe the non-Burman ethnic communities.

    The Burmans' Big Brother Complex

  • Nor is there any community of language or culture between the Shans and the Burmans (the ethnic group, not the nationality, which is Burmese), save their Buddhist religion.

    Lifting the Bamboo Curtain

  • In 1997, after that trip inside Burma, he started the Free Burma Rangers, a relief group that has launched more than 300 humanitarian missions and has 43 small medical teams among the Karens, Karennis, Shans, Chins, Kachins, and Arakanese — across the parts of highland Burma that embrace on three sides the central Irrawaddy River valley, home to the majority Burmans.

    Lifting the Bamboo Curtain

  • Nearly 40% of Myanmar ' s 50 million people come from ethnic groups other than the dominant Burmans, who comprise the bulk of the powerful military.

    Clashes Roil Myanmar Border Area

  • They were fighting not for a better regime composed of more enlightened military officers, nor for a democratic government that would likely be led by ethnic Burmans like Aung San Suu Kyi, but for Karen independence.

    Lifting the Bamboo Curtain

  • But the country would still be left with no public infrastructure, no institutions, no civil society, and with various ethnic armies that fundamentally distrust the dominant Burmans.

    Lifting the Bamboo Curtain


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