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  • proper n. A multi-paradigm high-level compiled programming language, that is a more advanced form of C.


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From the name of the C language (on which it was based) and ++, the increment operator in both languages, suggesting something added to C.


  • The Internet essentially runs on Unix, and much commercial software is written in C and its descendents such as C++ and Java.

    Pioneer Programmer Shaped the Evolution of Computers

  • A typical “Testing on the Toilet” instructional dealt with the intricacies of load testing or C++ microbenchmarking.

    In the Plex

  • This means our team has coding experience in a variety of programming languages including Java, C++, Cocoa, and PHP.

    Kathryn Born: Chicago Tech Startup: ProOnGo

  • The original reason for this model was to support the A.I. being written in any computer language so each team can use the language they are most comfortable with we created examples using C#, C++, Java, & Python.

    David Thielen: The National Intercollegiate Programming Playoffs -- Local and National All In One Day

  • Vijay was just out of business school and had hired all his college buddies to program in C++ and make animated GIFs.

    I'm Perfect, You're Doomed

  • The grammar of a programming language such as C++ is artificial, and based on an agreed-upon set of principles.

    The Nature of Technology

  • Thanks to David Plaut and Jake van Leer for the really bad math joke; Doug Irwin for teaching me the economics of happiness; Kyle van Leer and Axel Hansen for the premise behind Hide-n-Shriek; Luke Hansen for the C++ program; and Ellen Irwin for the popularity chart.

    Nineteen Minutes

  • Object-oriented programming—the latest trend, exemplified by the sophisticated C++ language.

    The Blue Nowhere

  • The code is in C# but students used to Java or C++ shouldn't have much trouble with this.

    Site Home

  • It seems the C++/CLI isn't quite a first class citizen yet and I want to do ALL .

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