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  • catapult assisted take off but arrested recovery


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  • Provision of Catapult Assisted Takeoff But Arrested Recovery (CATOBAR) would also solve the great un-discussed issue of the new carriers - the same snag which, ignored in the Falklands, led to the almost crippling losses of ships and men suffered in 1982 and very nearly to the loss of the campaign.

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  • CATOBAR isn't a totally simple thing to provide in the Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales, either, as they are to be gas-turbine powered and will have no steam to work ordinary catapults.

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  • In many ways a switch to CATOBAR is a no-brainer for the Royal Navy: it has risks, but all other paths would seem to mean the loss of at least one air group and/or ship, meaning that there would often be no carrier available in a crisis.

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  • But CATOBAR ships would allow the purchase of E-2 Hawkeye AEW carrier planes, as used by the USA, France, and also many other non-carrier nations (as an affordable alternative to massive land-based AWACS radarcraft, in their cases).

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  • So there's a severe bureaucratic struggle ahead for the RN should it want to try and get the CATOBAR/cheap-airgroup plan through the current defence review, and even some in dark blue uniform would be against the idea.

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  • Then there's some resistance to CATOBAR even in the Fleet Air Arm, whose Harriers have historically been able to cope with heavy seas and the resultant pitching decks better than

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  • The catch is that CATOBAR would make the carriers more expensive, and they are being paid for now - whereas the planes are to be bought mostly in a few years 'time.

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  • It is a CATOBAR-type carrier that uses a shorter version of the catapult system - Photown News

  • "Ark Royal faces 'immediate' axe in defence cuts" I can accept the loss of Ark Royal, but the decision to switch to CATOBAR aircraft but only fit one of the two QE class carriers with cats-n-traps is cretinous.

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  • Any change to CATOBAR fighters would obviously have massive positive effects on how much firepower the carrier could put into the air (as a result of being able to use lighter airframes carrying more fuel & bombs) but would incur significant redesign costs for the carrier itself, major changes to the JSF contract. (and would render your point about keeping existing decks moot, due to lack of CATOBAR capability) 3.

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