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  • An island country of the Atlantic Ocean west of Senegal. The islands were settled by the Portuguese in the mid-15th century, became a colony in 1495 and an overseas province in 1951, and gained independence in 1975. Praia, on São Tiago Island, is the capital. Population: 424,000.

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  • proper n. Country in Western Africa. Official name: Republic of Cape Verde.

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  • n. an island country in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal


From Portuguese Cabo Verde, from cabo (cape) + verde (green). (Wiktionary)


  • B-Dienst had been busy, and on the same day they reported that from wireless intercepts it appeared that British warships were operating in the Azores and Cape Verde area, and that the cruiser Ajax was operating off the Brazilian coast — "obviously," commented Langsdorff in his War Diary, "in order to protect the harbours there."

    Graf Spee

  • Until the war began, his instructions said, the Graf Spee was to wait in an area to the north-westward of the Cape Verde Islands (between 15° and 25° north, 25° and 40° west).

    Graf Spee

  • On the 18th of June in blowy, hazy weather, the Cape Verde Islands began to pass—Sal, Bonavista, Mayo.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Exeter, bound north-westward for the Cape Verde Islands 855 miles away and then Rio de Janeiro, a further 2,600 miles to the south-westward.

    Graf Spee

  • In peacetime these "lanes" are well defined, with plenty of ships moving along them both eastward and westward; and Langsdorff knew only too well the risk he was taking since he would have to cross them on his way south towards the Cape Verde Islands.

    Graf Spee

  • His orders for the moment from the Seekriegslietung (the German Naval War Staff) were quite explicit: the Graf Spee was to go to an area to the north-westward of the Cape Verde Islands, off the West African coast, keep wireless silence, and wait.

    Graf Spee

  • At the same time three other lifeboats from the Clement, one of them commanded by the Clement's Chief Officer, were heading for the South American coast; and the Greek ship Papalemos, which had been stopped by the Graf Spee, was heading for the Cape Verde Islands with Captain Harris and the Chief Engineer aboard.

    Graf Spee

  • Six days out from England, the battle cruisers anchored in the wide, semicircular bay of Porto Grande on St. Vincent, one of the Portuguese Cape Verde Islands, off the coast of Africa.

    Castles of Steel

  • Manned by a crew of partially trained reservists, she spent several weeks escorting the BEF across the Channel and then was ordered to the Cape Verde Islands, and then to the Falklands.

    Castles of Steel

  • Australia supports some remarkably hefty skink species, and on the Cape Verde Islands occurs an endemic genus, Macroscincus, whose name translates to “large skink.”

    The Song of The Dodo


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