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  • A service mark used for an animation process in which clay figurines are manipulated and filmed to produce an image of lifelike movement.


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  • The only real surprise is that this ad isn't being done in Claymation with Morgan Freeman doing the narration.

    December 2005

  • And 'Robot Chicken' takes place in that alternate TV dimension set aside for "Claymation", stop motion, and "Supermarionation" tv shows.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • While many readers of this blog might be too young to remember Gumby and Pokey or Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live, a new piece of software lets you create your one stop-motion "Claymation" movies on your PC.

    Make your own ‘Claymation’ movie | Sync Blog

  • Videos" and click the "Claymation" you'll hear the section of the song they used in the second verse.

    six months in

  • A Claymation version of Eminem in an ad for Brisk, especially one in which he claims to not do commercials after appearing in two during this Super Bowl alone?

    Super Bowl 2011: The non-football-related winners and losers

  • Imagine these two as Claymation characters, ripping each other's heads off while exchanging unpleasantries in an arena filled with bankers.

    Banker vs. Banker

  • The ostensible mystery concerns the identity of the big bad werewolf who looks like a creature found on the cutting-room floor of a defunct Claymation studio, but the real mystery is how an amusing idea could have gone so wrong.

    See Jane Blossom: An Enthralling 'Eyre'

  • Claymation, the stop-frame manipulation of little plasticine puppets, is perhaps the most conspicuous of all animation techniques.

    This week's new DVD & Blu-ray

  • MCHALE: My favorite was after the Claymation Christmas episode, one reviewer said, "Those a--holes made me cry."

    Exclusive Community Roundtable: Head of the Class

  • In less than five minutes a Claymation Satan visits with Tom, Becky Thatcher, and Huck; builds them a village; then destroys it with lightning and an earthquake that swallows up all the cute little clay villagers, farmers, soldiers, and one particularly pitiful cow.

    Our Mysterious Stranger


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