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  • Paul Wiegert's web page Astronomical objects, such as Cruithne, with strange orbits.

    Wonderful & weird science

  • Whence came King "Cruithne," with his seven sons, and the Picts?

    Archaeological Essays, Vol. 1

  • I don't know how it plays into this but as you've probably noticed the AU uses an Irish term for the Picts themselves, Cruithne possibly with an accent, my sense of the Gaelic is extremely weak.

    Pictish female names

  • I mentioned the Irish name for the Picts in Irish sources in an earlier post, Picts or Cruithne or Albans: what's in a name?

    Pictish female names

  • The Pictish origin legend says that their land was divided between the seven sons of Cruithne.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Named Cruithne, the little body will orbit our Earth for at least another 5,000 years from a minimum distance of 15 million kilometers.

    Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast – October 9-11, 2009 | Universe Today

  • The Picts or Cruithne, or Albans: What's in a na...

    A Roar for Powerful Words

  • “Cruithen” is recognisably the Irish word “Cruithne” and “tuaith” is from the Irish “tuath” meaning a people or tribe and their territory.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • For example, Britain is supposed to have been named after Brutus, Gwynedd after a legendary? king Cunedda, and the seven provinces of the Picts after the seven sons of Cruithne.

    Kingdom of the Ark, by Lorraine Evans. Book review

  • Writers in Irish used two terms, “Alba” and “Cruithentuaith” “the people/country of Cruithne”.

    Archive 2007-12-01


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  • The word is pronounced "krooy-nyuh" which can also be written as "KROOee-nyuh" and in many other ways. My point is that the stress is on the first syllable, which contains both the OO and the ee sounds. The word has only two syllables, "cruith" and "ne". The stress is not on the "ee" sound. The OOee or ooy (ui) diphthong is very common in the Celtic languages.

    February 7, 2012

  • Cruithne is in fact not really 'Earth's second moon' but more of a quasi-satellite, because it doesn't actually orbit the Earth.

    February 7, 2012

  • The name of the second moon of our planet. I would like to hear a pronunciation...


    February 7, 2012