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  • Then, in Montana, John Ostrom discovered the remains of a two-legged dinosaur that he dubbed Deinonychus, depicted above, meaning "terrible claw."

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  • Sterling Publishing A two-legged dinosaur dubbed "Deinonychus" Until the 1960s, paleontologists tended to view dinosaurs as sluggish and slow.

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  • When paleontologist John Ostrom first described the killing claw in a species called Deinonychus “terrible claw” in 1969, he interpreted it as a blade-like slashing weapon; others have since argued it might have been better employed for stabbing.


  • And, you know, there's actually a real gorgeous dinosaur called Deinonychus, maybe one of the most beautiful tattoos in the book.


  • Deinonychus, which is a lot more like the popular perception of velociraptors than actual velociraptors are.


  • Footprints from Montana show that medium-size bipeds such as Deinonychus hunted in ferocious gangs of four, ripping the entrails out of prey 10 times their size.

    New Theories And Old Bones Reveal The Lifestyle Of The Dinosaur

  • They are protected by a plate-like armour with two sets of sharp spikes on each side of the head, and a skull so thick that even 'raptors' such as Deinonychus could leave barely more than a scratch. - latest science and technology news stories

  • While the relatively small Velociraptor is certainly more practical than the larger Dromaeosaurids, such as Deinonychus or Utahraptor, they still pose a significant logistical challenge.

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  • I'm extremely skeptical, and it should be noted that most of Paul's "lumping" of taxa has failed to withstand the test of time (for example, his attempt in 1988 to combine Deinonychus, Velociraptor, and Saurornitholestes into a single genus).

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