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  • n. Mythology The Babylonian god of primordial waters.

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  • proper n. Name of Enki in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology.

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  • proper n. the Akkadian god of wisdom; son of Apsu and father of Marduk; counterpart of the Sumerian Enki.
  • proper n. the Babylonian god of waters and one of the supreme triad including Anu and Bel.

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  • A common English digraph, introduced about the beginning of the sixteenth century, having then the sound of ā, and serving to distinguish e or ee with that sound from e or ee with the sound of ē.
  • An abbreviation of each.

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  • n. the Babylonian god of wisdom; son of Apsu and father of Marduk; counterpart of the Sumerian Enki; as one of the supreme triad including Anu and Bel he was assigned control of the watery element


Akkadian; see ḥyw in Semitic roots.
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  • Ea is at odds with Enlil, the Sumerian King of Gods who is sidelined and superceded by the younger, more dynamic Marduk of "The Epic of Creation".

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  • He whose fathers have given him such a splendid name/Shall have the name Ea, just like me.

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  • " N-e 1 " +44 (-) 792-561196 n-e 2 "RINGDOWN Uploaded at 04: 04: 27 on 29-Jul-95. if YOu WAnNa "Ea" ThIS fiLe 7hEn -oWNLoa" iT!

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  • In other countries there are homologous deities, such as Ea, Tammuz, Adonis, and Attis, which are certainly manifestations of the same idea and sprung from the same source.

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  • Music is composed by Nguyen Xuan Son and Ea Sola, who also directs the video installations.

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  • French-Vietnamese choreographer Ea Sola first created this meditation on war and imperialism in 1995, using a language of hypnotic grace and raw physicality to evoke the history of Vietnam in the second half of the 20th century.

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  • UDURTAR-GUL-ANA: These storms obviously signal the displeasure of the cosmological triad Marduk, Anu, and Ea, so you may want to increase your portfolio's exposure into energy derivatives.

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  • Somehow or other Fogg's trip around a creation is no small gamble though a race to! save Ea rth!

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  • Babylonians, and Ea, too, was ours, supreme in the Under World, who enabled Ishtar to conquer death.

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  • Mr. Vick ' s outing at FedEx Field, in the Ea gles ' 59-28 crushing of the Redskins, was certainly heartburn-inducing for any coach not named Andy Reid.

    An Even Match, Except for Vick


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