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  • I'm not sure Eberron is all that exciting a setting either.

    YAMMORPG time...

  • · From Fan to Fiction (Seminar Room 3, 11 am) Join authors Karen Miller, Keith Baker and Matt Farrer as they discuss their journey from fans to fiction authors in the worlds of Eberron, Star Wars, Star Gate, and Warhammer.

    This is perfect!

  • The stories are mystery/crime novels set in the fantasy world of Eberron, and Wren is a consulting detective inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

    Oh, a writer’s life for me… «

  • #2 I wanted to kill myself when I saw they made a game set in EBERRRON (my favorite WotC setting) but the game fails to emphasize any of the elements that makes Eberron Eberron – Swashbuckling, Pulp Noir with a lot of Indian Jones going across the map with the little read dots scenes.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Dungeons and Dragons Online: behold the power of free

  • Being a fan of D&D (PnP) and Eberron, I hopped on this when it initally came out.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Dungeons and Dragons Online: behold the power of free

  • Trap avoided: being godawful complicated like the Artificer from Eberron.

    Paizo APG Playtest Continues « Geek Related

  • I've always wondered how well these Eberron books sell.

    New Releases: Week of March 1, 2010

  • With an almost encyclopediac knowledge of the setting now required for any DM wishing to run a canonical game set in the Realms, it is unsurprising that many either gave up or went over to the newer, much more straightforward Eberron setting.

    The Worlds of D&D: Forgotten Realms

  • The future of Greyhawk has not been outlined, but a recent 4th Edition game product made mention of several major worlds: Toril, Eberron, Athas, Krynn and Oerth, the worlds of the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dark Sun, Dragonlance and Greyhawk settings respectively.

    The Worlds of D&D: Greyhawk

  • It also absorbed the resources of all the Greyhawk material planned for 3rd Edition, meaning that for people not interested in the Living Greyhawk setting, no new stand-alone material was published after 2001, whilst WotC concentrated on Forgotten Realms and a new setting, Eberron, although a single adventure, Ruins of Greyhawk, did creep out in 2007 as one of the final 3rd Edition game products.

    The Worlds of D&D: Greyhawk


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  • Eberron is a setting for the game Dungeons and Dragons. Created by Kieth Baker, it is best know for its cinematic action, intrigue and film noir like atmosphere.

    September 20, 2009