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  • Edwin 585?-633. King of Northumbria (617-633) who ruled as far north as Edinburgh and was converted to Christianity (627).

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  • proper n. A male given name.
  • proper n. Edwin of Northumbria.

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  • n. king of Northumbria who was converted to Christianity (585-633)


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From Old English Eadwine, from ead, "rich, blessed" + wine, "friend". Akin to Old Norse Auðun, Norwegian Audun, and the Lombard king's name Audoin.


  • If the name Edwin Walker sounds vaguely familiar to you, it is because he was the target of a Lee Harvey Oswald assassination attempt.

    Staying Tuned

  • Senator Snyder, according to the documents I received from André Martin, wrote a letter to someone he called Aunt Jane, signed it with the name Edwin, and mailed it to the post office box in Interlaken.

    The Lions of Lucerne

  • “Minutes after Ali chose to refuse the step forward for drafting into the United States Army,” Cosell told the law students, “a political hack in New York, his name Edwin Dooley, the state’s boxing commissioner, stripped Ali of the world heavyweight championship and of his license to fight in New York State.

    Sound and Fury

  • The quote is mine but the attitude can be found in Edwin P. Hoyt's book Japan's War, the Great Pacific Conflict.

    SF Tidbits for 2/20/10

  • Captain Edwin Stanton, a U.S. Coast Guard commander, told the panel that "my personal philosophy is, it is like a war and you have to respond with everything you have — overwhelmingly."

    Scientists Clash Over Amount of Oil in Gulf

  • Edwin is a Southerner, a son of a Presbyterian minister, an Air Force veteran, a handgun instructor and nevertheless, an avowed athiest – an Important Athiest in fact, who has written a book called “Baubles of Blasphemy.”

    Spanked by Jesus « Dating Jesus

  • "Thrust by mischance into a man's body," Edwin is weak and selfish, "glossed over with a skin-deep veneer of culture and conventionality."

    “There be things greater than our wisdom, beyond our justice.”

  • Edwin is indolent and Grace breaks trail: "Thus did his manhood remain virgin to the travelers who passed like ghosts on the silent trail," London writes.

    “There be things greater than our wisdom, beyond our justice.”

  • I could very well spend too much time introducing our guest-speaker, Captain Edwin A. Baker, O.B.E., but I am going to ask one who will, perhaps, treat him not as kindly as I, from what he has said by way of joking.

    Canada's Place in Work for the Blind

  • "Edwin is always thinking of 'us,' and 'our business, '" remarked Guy, rather sharply.

    John Halifax, Gentleman


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