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  • proper n. A female given name, feminine form of Edwin.


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Female form of Edwin from Old English.


  • As a candidate for First Minister in these times of economic financial turmoil, Edwina is clearly too overqualified for the job.

    Andrew backs Edwina

  • However, in Edwina's case, following her disastrous stint as a minister, turning a Tory safe into a Labour safe, her splendid 1994 MEP campaign, then she might be better facing the reality that maybe she gets rejected because she ain't got any talent.

    Edwina Hits a Brick Wall

  • The baby was a boy, -- fortunately, for I don't admire the name Edwina, and I shouldn't have liked to handicap a child with it.

    The Plum Tree

  • Sadly, in this all-important area Edwina has been a complete failure.

    Andrew backs Edwina

  • Far more important surely is whether Edwina is any good at making comparisons between Plaid Cymru members and Nazi propagandists.

    Andrew backs Edwina

  • The woman called Edwina looks about twenty at the most, and is rake thin.

    Old Magic

  • For specifics or to request a stop, call Edwina or Veronica at 485-2955, ext.


  • "Edwina" watched him jealously, and we respected his evident prostration of mind and spirit.

    My day : reminiscences of a long life,

  • Roth asked them what else they were working on, and they told her about "Edwina," a show they had written in the 1990s.

    Latest News

  • This thought has me remembering the woman called Edwina, who he is about to toss into the streets simply because she lost her husband and can’t work his fields anymore.

    Old Magic


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