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  • n. The gritty coarse particles of wheat left after the finer flour has passed through a bolting machine, used for pasta.

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  • n. Hard grains of flour left after milling

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  • n. The purified fine, hard parts of durum wheat, derived mostly from the endosperm, rounded by the attrition of the millstones, -- used in cookery, such as in the preparation of Italian pasta.

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  • n. The large hard grains retained in the bolting-machine after the fine flour has been passed through it.

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  • n. milled product of durum wheat (or other hard wheat) used in pasta


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Alteration of Italian semolino, diminutive of semola, bran, from Latin simila, fine flour, ultimately of Semitic origin; see smd in Semitic roots.

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Italian semolino


  • My Kitchen Lab comments: bee said ... broken wheat may be better for ya than semolina, though, 'cos it; s whole grain, while semolina is not.

    Broken Wheat Idli

  • When the semolina is lukewarm add the eggs, well beaten, stirring vigorously to incorporate well, until the mixture is again smooth and creamy.

    Pignoli Tart (Torta coi pinoli) « Baking History

  • Slices of vegetables are smeared with a tasty tamarind paste, then dipped in semolina/rava and shallow-fried: the result is a crisp and delicious side-dish that can turn a simple meal of dal-rice into something quite special.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • Paz, semolina is available even in my obscure neck of the woods.

    Recipe: Rosemary Bread (Ψωμί με Δενδρολίβανο)

  • After the semolina is roasted add the hot liquid slowly and keep mixing the semolina so that it does not stick to the vessel and this helps to avoid lumps.

    Satyanarayan Prasad

  • Till all liquids get absorbed and semolina is fluffy.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • Intermittently check if semolina is fluffy and cooked.

    Satyanarayan Prasad

  • I find that semolina is great for baking when you want something with texture.

    Almond Fingers

  • Generally, semolina is milled more coarsely than durum.


  • If you have semolina on hand, maybe try rolling it in semolina, to impart a bit of that special nutty flavor.

    Spinach & Feta Quiche ♥ | A Veggie Venture


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  • I was fed Health Authority Chicken Supreme and semolina and jam and made to watch television where a woman turned into a spider during the full-moon, hunted respectable citizens, injected them with poison, swathed them in web cocoons and carried them off to her Transylvanian silo.

    - Peter Reading, C, 1984

    August 2, 2008

  • makin' pasta!

    February 12, 2007