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  • to post a tweet via Twitter that was previously tweeted. often abbreviated "RT"

    January 29, 2009

  • Cool, a Twestival in DC in support of Charity:Water http://www.amiando.com/twes... 1:11 AM Jan 27th from web, Biz Stone

    January 29, 2009

  • "lying sluts," oooh gang of four is so cooool..listen to those crinkly, I mean crunchy guitars"." - j cafritz

    "i shared a doobie w/ bez once! btw i like the adjective 'crinkly' for gtrs --- very fem-sonik" - t moore http://tinyurl.com/cjmgzy

    January 23, 2009

  • "Why is it that when I clean the cat box the kittiots start frolicking around? I mean I like a tidy loo too but I do n't frolic over it." - http://twitter.com/Merlene/status/1137729706

    January 22, 2009

  • slang expression for "growing a beard"

    January 8, 2009

  • "* Risk is asymmetrical. First parties “bet the company�? before launch, but independent game-makers “bet the company�? for years after. This creates “frenemies�? who battle for game market share and profits."

    Bing Gordon, http://zblog.zynga.com/?p=3

    August 11, 2008

  • "* Risk is asymmetrical. First parties “bet the company�? before launch, but independent game-makers “bet the company�? for years after. This creates “frenemies�? who battle for game market share and profits."

    Bing Gordon, http://zblog.zynga.com/?p=3

    August 11, 2008

  • to fall in like (for love):

    "Before I discovered you could set up a "disk browser" in TextWrangler, I fell in like with TextMate. I seem to be in good company because I keep recognizing TextMate in screencasts." from http://blog.contenthere.net/2008/06/i-use-this.html

    June 24, 2008

  • "Along the same lines: Universal Edit Button. It appears to be mired in bikeshed syntax discussions at the moment, but the idea is simple enough: “edit this page�? links in wikis and such have always been included directly in the web pages themselves." from http://diveintomark.org/archives/2008/06/21/minimalism

    June 23, 2008

  • can we all agree that "plurk" is possibly the worst technology-related word since "blog?"

    -- Lane Becker

    monstro on twitter

    June 4, 2008

  • today, I learned the term "poopsocking"

    lmorchand on twitter

    May 24, 2008

  • "Alfresco has been tearing up the newswire recently with announcements and interviews related to their evolved vision that incorporates an Enterprise 2.0 style mash-up/social approach to Enterprise Content Management. For lack of a better term, lets call it Enterprise 2.0 Content Management or E2CM (a new term! you heard it here first). - Seth Gottlieb, Enter Content Here

    May 20, 2008

  • "described attempts to make digital bits uncopyable as “trying to make water not wet.�?" - http://diveintomark.org/archives/2008/05/06/the-day-the-music-died

    quotation attributed to "Bruce Schneier, a famous cryptologist — or at least as famous a cryptologist as cryptologists are likely to get in this century."

    May 7, 2008

  • Patrick O'Brian!

    May 5, 2008

  • The Placebo Affect*


    February 15, 2008

  • "Click gently to eco-mail Strong Bad." http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail186.html

    February 10, 2008

  • "...I bought this cheapo pair of random whatevers. They had RHINESTONES. I was SO STOKED. They were the best ever. Wore them all the time when I got back home. Alas, they broke!! I took them to several optomotrists and they all said no way to repair them." - Erin Alexander, CA

    February 7, 2008

  • Follow Jrome on Twitter: http://twitter.com/jrome

    February 6, 2008

  • "But we should understand that for many ideas enabled by the Internet, small is the new big." - January 3, 2008, 3:45 pm

    Twitter, Firefox and Big Ideas That Are Small Companies

    By Saul Hansell

    Tags: Business Models, firefox, microblogging, Mozilla, twitter

    February 6, 2008

  • "But we should understand that for many ideas enabled by the Internet, small is the new big." -- January 3, 2008, 3:45 pm

    Twitter, Firefox and Big Ideas That Are Small Companies

    By Saul Hansell

    NY TIMES Tags: Business Models, firefox, microblogging, Mozilla, twitter

    February 6, 2008

  • erin: Clay, do you want some tea?

    clay: Only if it has beer in it.


    January 22, 2008

  • "article I read was about aging post 60. study indicated unless effort made at absorbing new ideas, personal growth unlikely" via twitter.com

    January 20, 2008

  • "Searched thesaurus.com for a synonym for "cock tease." Result: "Did you mean courtesy?"" via twitter.com

    January 20, 2008

  • This is a test of our emergency redirection system. If this had been a real emergency, you would have been redirected to another page on the internets. As this has not been a real emergency, enjoy your stay here on page ochive. Have a nice day!

    January 19, 2008

  • "Kenny: I still haven't called or seen or spoken to her... This is the cute girl who lives below me who made me cookies.

    shewholaughsloud: kenny, maybe you would be more attractive if you worked more than 10 hours a week.

    shewholaughsloud: oh wait, that's me

    Kenny: nice

    Kenny: She's cute and she made me cookies. What could go wrong, I thought?

    shewholaughsloud: you thought that, and then she moved away

    shewholaughsloud: maybe she's staying at her boyfriend's?

    shewholaughsloud: maybe she's playing 'impossible to get'

    shewholaughsloud: hahaha

    shewholaughsloud: I just made that up

    Kenny: nice!

    shewholaughsloud: *proud*

    Kenny: that's awesome

    Kenny: they always play that."

    - work related IM conversation

    January 19, 2008

  • let me know where you would like all the bumpf to be sent and I'll get it over to you.

    January 4, 2008

  • "Buying eBooks in a proprietary vendor-specific format that can only be used on that vendor's device is a mug's game." - Bill McCoy, http://blogs.adobe.com/billmccoy/2007/12/kindlling_ebook.html

    December 20, 2007

  • "email filter" - milter.org (sendmail.com)

    December 20, 2007

  • "One thing we've always tried to avoid in The White Stripes is all those words that I can't stand that start with 'R,' such as retro, and relic, and reissue, and re-create, all that stuff," White says. "All I know is I just want my stuff to sound as soulful as I can." - Jack White on NPR, http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=17332103

    December 19, 2007

  • "For centuries, schoolboys first encountered the wisdom of the ancients in this predigested form. When Erasmus told the story of Pandora, he said that she opened not a jar, as in the original version of the story, by the Greek poet Hesiod, but a box. In every European language except Italian, Pandora’s box became proverbial—a canard made ubiquitous by the power of a new information technology." - Future Reading, by Andrew Grafton, The New Yorker, Nov 1 2007 http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/11/05/071105fa_fact_grafton?currentPage=2

    November 1, 2007

  • "It was funded in part by Paul Allen, the co founder of Microsoft who appears to be creating a small keiretsu of semantic Web start-ups." - http://tinyurl.com/23rc6v

    October 23, 2007

  • October 20, 2007

  • I gotta say, there's another ditty that can play all day round here: Lady (Here me tonight) by MoDJo. Hear song and see video under lady

    October 20, 2007

  • sockdolager

    • noun US informal

    2. an exceptional person or thing.

    Oxford Dictionary of English

    October 17, 2007

  • A canvasser for charitable donations.

    October 12, 2007

  • haptic feedback user interface -- "users can feel an immediate mild vibration when they touch icons on the display."


    September 28, 2007

  • see co-working for citations.

    September 12, 2007

  • "Suite133 will be Washington's first manifestation of a new office model known as co-working - a sort of tightly knit but loosely affiliated office environment that will have a rotating cast of entrepreneurs and designers who will share space, but will not be part of a traditional business structure." From Tacoma blogger to debut creative suites, http://businessexaminer.datajoe.com/app/ecom/pub_article_details.php?id=88238#headline2

    September 12, 2007

  • "If you look back just one year, you’ll see over 110 local efforts to get coworking spaces set up around the world. This isn’t an accident and this isn’t just the work of Silicon Valley types. This is the work of turned on, smart and destiny-shaping independents." - Chris Messina, http://factoryjoe.com/blog/2007/09/07/on-exporting-the-culture-of-silicon-valley/

    September 12, 2007

  • "As the recording industry wakes up from its summer slumber and starts thinking about what will motivate the consumer for the holiday selling season, the major labels are getting ready to launch the "ringle," which combines the mostly defunct single format with ringtones." - 'Music industry betting on 'ringle' format' by Ed Christman


    September 10, 2007

  • "...how does this contribute to the growing problem of “digital litter�? in which people are leaving crumbs of personal information all over the web, in a way that makes it very difficult to hoover up at a later date, if they so desire." -- http://blogs.zdnet.com/social/?p=300

    September 6, 2007

  • "Whoever goes first does the biggest story and gets the most space because he can brag to his editor that he's got an "exclusive." So we promise an exclusive and we eat up all of that precious real estate on the front page of the business section, and then when the rest of the mediatards sit down to write their stories later in the week most of them will be too busy to do any real reporting so they'll just repeat what they read in the first guy's story." http://fakesteve.blogspot.com/2007/09/another-big-sloppy-wet-kiss-for-borg.html

    September 5, 2007

  • Mr Gabriel said the meeting last week inspired him to go to Silicon Valley next month to spruik his technology.

    - http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/news/technology/better-than-google-creator-thinks-so/2007/05/28/1180205209239.html?page=2

    May 30, 2007

  • So perhaps it's time we gave this phenomena a name: buyshifting. We'll use that to refer to broadcast TV programming that you don't just watch -- you buy or rent. - http://www.engadget.com/2007/05/04/ins-and-outs-is-buyshifting-the-future-of-television-part-1/

    May 29, 2007

  • UserName PassWord smooshed.

    May 24, 2007

  • "Because of the portrayal of women and men as near-perfect sexual objects in the media, movies, and porn, it's easy to forget the extent of diversity of people's bodies. "I used to think they were horrible compared to all we see in fashion mags...but now I LOVE my body and my BOOBS!!!" NSFW, I guess." - http://www.kottke.org/remainder/07/05/13452.html

    May 19, 2007

  • @mathowie: downloadenfreude?


    May 15, 2007

  • http://alison.knitsmiths.us/002245.html

    May 14, 2007

  • "...given what you just described this, this world of email bukkake, constantly showered with new stuff." - Merlin to Chris

    "It's a term from the Dutch...stands up well in rain." - Merlin


    May 4, 2007

  • "'Swamp thing.' The 80's called, they want their reference back." -erin

    May 1, 2007

  • Well, that's not what I wanted!

    May 1, 2007

  • "The basic idea is this: Change X number of image downloads to 1 image download by making 1 big image that contains the X images."


    April 28, 2007

  • "I say, take some of that big money you're making from iTunes and shovel it into gaming. Don't go half-assed, Apple. Buy some companies up. Get with the mergering and acquisitioning. Get some exclusive content. Make sure that the next Spore-like event appears on the Mac first." (http://www.fileplanet.com/fileblog/archives/2007/04/entry_254.shtml)

    April 24, 2007

  • "I say, take some of that big money you're making from iTunes and shovel it into gaming. Don't go half-assed, Apple. Buy some companies up. Get with the mergering and acquisitioning. Get some exclusive content. Make sure that the next Spore-like event appears on the Mac first." (http://www.fileplanet.com/fileblog/archives/2007/04/entry_254.shtml)

    April 24, 2007

  • Suddenly contradicting the judgment of military commanders is a bad thing? How many times has Bush done exactly that, from the number of troops required to sustain an occupation way back in 2003 to the surgescalation now?

    —Laura Clawson, http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2007/4/24/12355/7453, Tue Apr 24, 2007 at 09:48:28 AM PDT

    April 24, 2007

  • "If you can't tone it, tan it." - TP after raging in the Sea Otter Short Track race.

    April 16, 2007

  • "My dream kitchen is funtoosh." ks

    April 12, 2007

  • S/FJ on his blog: "courtesy of Julika Rudelius. (I recommend her work, especially the piece that is included in Brooklyn Museum's Global Feminisms exhibit.) Here is the new word, in situ:

    PERSON WE'VE JUST MET: OK, we're going to go over there now. You should stay and talk to Zelda, she loves compliments.

    US: OK.

    Person leaves.

    JULIKA: We've just been parked."


    April 12, 2007

  • He started to become more aware of the peregrinations he had to make while trying to reach a destination. "I finally understood just how much roads actually wind," he says. He learned to deal with the stares he got in the library, his belt humming like a distant chain saw. Deep into the experiment, Wächter says, "I suddenly realized that my perception had shifted. I had some kind of internal map of the city in my head. I could always find my way home. Eventually, I felt I couldn't get lost, even in a completely new place."


    April 11, 2007

  • Now his style counsel counts. He's a stickler for the length of a cuff and partial to the Italian label Borelli. But for his audience, he bridges the gap between the haberdashers and hab-nots. He's just as excited about a pair of Nike running tights as he is a Zegna tie.


    April 4, 2007

  • It would be a real loss to the world if the two tiers of creativity, professional and user generated, were forever bifurcated in different distribution channels.



    April 2, 2007

  • Watch Mary Poppins, it pops up in the father's opening song.

    April 2, 2007

  • "It snowed like a Norwegian Snow Crapper yetserday" - Kenny reporting on the weather from Colorado.

    March 31, 2007

  • Lance 29 Mar 07

    Are people still joining Hotmail? Friends don’t let friends do Hotmail.

    37Signals SVN blog comments

    March 30, 2007

  • "'Competition' in this sense means at least dialogue, if not multilogue, to coin a term. It is the opposite of “modern toleration,�? whose notion of dialogue goes something like this:

    A: Here is the Truth. You must believe as I do.

    B: Agreed."


    March 23, 2007

  • brain injury

    March 14, 2007

  • Erin McKean's favorite word. I myself prefer "hedgehoggy."

    March 14, 2007

  • judo n. Maximum efficiency, minimum effort


    March 14, 2007

  • GRIND HOUSE (n):

    A theater playing back-to-back films exploiting sex, violence, and other extreme subject matter.


    March 13, 2007

  • habernasher (n): one who is in the habit of eating men’s clothing.


    March 7, 2007

  • Jakob

    Seeing yourself as a creator is underrated


    Simplicity is underrated


    though not among readers of this blog


    in terms of working, i think discontentness is underrated


    what do you mean by discontentness?


    like never being fully happy with your work






    i’m a creative


    Maybe you should’ve staying in school



    from http://www.37signals.com/svn/posts/295-fireside-chat-skinnycorp-threadless-and-connected-ventures-vimeo-part-2-of-2#extended

    March 1, 2007

  • "whooops I forgot to cc the Wylde One. mabad." recent email with peer (mid-30 year old) group buddies.

    March 1, 2007

  • during West Bank Story Oscar acceptance speech

    February 26, 2007

  • I'm a bridesmaid, sweet. What do I gotta do, besides party hard and wear a shit-heap dress?


    February 23, 2007

  • "A sock puppet is an additional username used by a Wikipedian who edits under more than one name." 02/21/07 via kottke.org from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Sock_puppetry

    February 22, 2007

  • The schadenfreude may now reign down, but that doesn't seem like a reason not to do so. http://evhead.com/2007/02/marketplace-wanted-web-site-for-sale.asp

    February 21, 2007

  • "The high-price trend is further exaggerated by the large concentrations of "trustafarians," or those with large amounts of inherited capital, in these areas." Joel Kotkin, "The Myth of 'Superstar Cities'" WSJ - February 13, 2007 (from kottke.org)

    February 20, 2007

  • Goodnight

    February 17, 2007

  • Team Flickr continues to embiggen with the fabulously successful completion of Project Kakulito, or rather the arrival of Rohan Metzler. Congratulations to Kakul and Jon.

    Posted by Heather Champ http://blog.flickr.com/flickrblog/2007/02/kakulito.html

    February 16, 2007

  • public switched telephone network

    February 16, 2007

  • sloosh is used to refer to a lapping or sloshing sound or to describe an act of washing. It's in Webster's Third - the big unabridged.

    February 15, 2007

  • The first recorded use of the French word "billet doux" (literally, "sweet letter") in an English context occurs in John Dryden's 1673 play Marriage a-la-Mode. In the play, Dryden pokes fun at linguistic Francophiles in English society through the comic character Melanthe, who is described by her prospective lover Rodophil as follows: "No lady can be so curious of a new fashion as she is of a new French word; she's the very mint of the nation, and as fast as any bullion comes out of France, coins it immediately into our language." True to form, Melanthe describes Rodophil with the following words: "Let me die, but he's a fine man; he sings and dances en Français, and writes the billets doux to a miracle." - www.m-w.com Word of the Day for February 13, 2007

    February 13, 2007

  • "Music was the first killer app among consumer products on the Internet, and the threat to the industry’s sales-based revenue model was apparent from the outset." - Intellectual property law attorney Bennett Lincoff, in http://www.bennettlincoff.com/fixing_what_is_badly_broken.pdf

    February 12, 2007

  • makin' pasta!

    February 12, 2007

  • e - These tardfluffers at work keep giving me random crap to do. about 20 hours ago from im via www.twitter.com

    February 8, 2007

  • Bernstein said:

    "In the case George W. Bush, the American system has obviously failed -- tragically -- about which we can talk more in a minute. But imagine the difference in our worldview today, had the institutions -- particularly of government -- done their job to insure that a mendacious and dangerous president (as has since been proven many times over, beyond mere assertion) be restrained in a war that has killed thousands of American soldiers, brought turmoil to the lives of millions, and constrained the goodwill towards the United States in much of the world."


    January 25, 2007

  • "...commission + substantial equity earn-in after 90-day cliff."

    January 25, 2007

  • pragmatic - the opposite of hope. Ze Frank

    January 23, 2007

  • I read that too! I meant to look it up on the spot, but didn't have a dictionary handy. Where I grew up, CNY, folks always said "jerry-rigged." I think it means the same thing.

    January 23, 2007

  • 4. Write a one-line piece of JavaScript code that concatenates all strings passed into a function:

    function concatenate(/*any number of strings*/)

    var string = /*your one line here*/

    return string;

    from http://jobs.meebo.com 19 January 2007

    January 19, 2007

  • Overseen on Twitter.com: @molly have you become twitterpated? Maybe you can reward yourself by twittering any particularly refulgent adjectives you use. 3 minutes ago from im

    January 12, 2007

  • Thanks to Mike G. Now that guy, he knows himself some serious vocab!

    January 5, 2007

  • "I'm glad we're doing this! It's been niggling at me..."

    January 4, 2007

  • mobeep is any noise a cell phone makes. Mobile beep. You can find it on M-W's open dictionary, if you dig for it. We need to get a feed from that to Wordie... who wants to help?

    December 31, 2006

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