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  • n. An enclosed structure where bicycles may be stored.
  • n. A metaphor for arguing endlessly over details of some small and relatively unimportant thing, taking up time that could be better spent on other things. The gist is that while nobody will question the details of a large and complex project (e.g. a nuclear reactor), for a simple thing as a bikeshed everybody will loudly add their two cents as to exactly how it should be built/painted/constructed, ad nauseum.


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  • Kiss Chase Kate, they sold her pints on the promise of a peek, a snatch, a snapshot carved into a keyhole, a freezeframe of the zoetrope, and though she thought she'd left that all behind, behind the bikeshed, she obliged;

    Day 13: Bikesheds

  • Throw in the fact that he speaks in geekspeak most of the time and looks as though he has just graduated out of short trousers, and you see why he has a mountain to climb and the Tories must be smiggering behind the bikeshed.

    Archive 2008-08-03

  • On top of that someone has tried to steal my bike from inside of the bikeshed - but being not quite competant enough had only chopped halfway through the secured bike chain!

    Everything2 New Writeups

  • This is a consequence of the infamous bikeshed effect.

    Planet Python

  • The bikeshed effect is typical of any project designed by a committee: when it comes to proposing advanced functionalities that very few can understand, it is easy to get approval from the larger community.

    Planet Python

  • Add This! okay, this one's a bit long and on the geeky side of things ... but i found it interesting, for whatever reason -- might be due to a little sleep deprivation of late or the changes in the weather ... not sure. why should i care what color the bikeshed is? - it's just a pixel baby.

  • In the most general terms, I think it’s important to acknowledge the importance of feedback in programming otherwise you start to fall into something like bikeshed thinking.

    Creative constraints « Alex McLean

  • "On the other hand, keeping all contributors in step with one another can be hard work, and most OSS people have at some point encountered some version of the bikeshed argument.

    Linux Today


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  • "Along the same lines: Universal Edit Button. It appears to be mired in bikeshed syntax discussions at the moment, but the idea is simple enough: “edit this page�? links in wikis and such have always been included directly in the web pages themselves." from

    June 23, 2008