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  • verb rare, nonstandard To enlarge or grow; to make or become bigger.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From em- + big + -en.


  • +2 points: Using the neologism 'embiggen'- in which I imagine/hope is a Simpsons reference News

  • And - just a thought - "embiggen" is already part of children's vocabulary from The Simpsons - a "perfectly cromulent word" so could you use it and by analogy "ensmallen"?

    Going digital - with 26 crows and a bucket

  • I'm concerned re the "embiggen" usage...just what do you spend your time doing?

    Give It Up: The Best Gift is Nothing at All

  • Julie at No Fancy Name takes you through the enhanced feed features of Feedflare, complete with screenshots and the repeated use of the verb "embiggen," which always makes me smile:FeedFlare came about after the FeedBurner folks sat around thinking about "the importance of the feed item and the ability to leverage the structure of the feed to build a bridge between web services and the content item."

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • Only the second time I've ever encountered the word "embiggen".

    Richard II

  • BadAstronomer: I misspelled "embiggen" and my spellchecker caught it.

    Discover Blogs

  • , -2 / +13I just like how they they keep using the word "embiggen" ... Stories / Popular

  • Check out the following mailer (click to "embiggen") and decide for yourself.

    Waldo's Virginia Political Blogroll

  • Please click the graph to "embiggen," and note that Mark Warner outperformed the Democratic House candidate in every district except the 9th, where Rick Boucher was unopposed and kicked butt!

    Waldo's Virginia Political Blogroll

  • Anyone who has seen a trailer for Killzone 2 (the “Ballet of Death” trailer is available at the end of this article for your viewing pleasure!) will testify to it being a graphical powerhouse and is the first game I have played that rivals Gears of War 2 in this aspect (Click on the pics throughout the article to embiggen them!).! » FlixnJoystix Presents: The Tsuj Tirades! Tsuj Takes Aim At The KILLZONE 2 Demo And Fires Off His Impressions!


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