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  • proper n. A female given name.

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  • n. In pharmacy, the savin, Juniperus Sabina.
  • n. In Mexico, any one of several species of juniper, especially Juniperus mexicana, a cypresslike tree yielding a pale yellow resin somewhat like sandarach.
  • n. The Mexican ahuehuetl, or swamp-cypress, Taxodium Mexicanum. magnificent specimens of which grow at Chapultepec, near the city of Mexico.
  • n. In Texas, the bald cypress, Taxodium distichum. See Taxodium.
  • n. In Porto Rico, Magnolia splendens, also called laurel sabino (probably on account of its aromatic fragrance), a beautiful tree resembling Talauma Plumieri, with odorous white flowers and laurel-like leaves used by the natives in flavoring food.


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Name of early saints, Latin Sabina, feminine of the Roman cognomen Sabinus "a Sabine", from an ancient tribe from Italy.



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