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  • proper noun A female given name.


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From Late Latin Seraphina, name of obscure early martyrs, from biblical seraphin.


  • January 13th, 2009 at 6: 51 pm the name Seraphina is okay but if you shorten in sera rose sounds really cute! News

  • I love the name Seraphina and was obsessed with it for the longest time. News

  • Lovely name, but why are people saying the name Seraphina too long? News

  • Nothing wrong with the name Seraphina, but like Violet, it really doesn't go with their last name. News

  • Jennifer Garner, and their new baby girl, Seraphina was asked about how he and Jennifer came up with the name Seraphina for their baby … celebrity news that matters to you

  • I adore the name Seraphina … i first heard it last year, actually from the Golden Compass movie and I thought, hrmm, that's awfully pretty, but different. News

  • Speaking of MM though … Seraphina is going to use his remake of Tainted Love for one of her dance pieces, if I’m remembering rightly one of her performance pieces for her certificate ….

    January 8th, 2004

  • For example, when I was at Milingimbi in June 2004 someone called "Margaret" died, and one of my consultants, who shared that name, was known as Seraphina for the rest of my stay. LINKING LANGUAGES.

  • I know a little girl called Seraphina, and they call her "phin" or "finn" (not sure how they spell it) for short News

  • The golden showbiz couple have called her Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck.

    Sky Showbiz - Latest


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