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  • proper n. A female given name.


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Anglicized form of Scottish Gaelic Sìne and Irish Síne, Gaelic cognates of Jane.


  • Consider This: The name Sheena was popular in the ’80s, when singer Sheena Easton was popular, but neither the singer nor the name is big anymore.

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  • Karena says, The name Sheena has a noble history on my home planet of Wondawowman.

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  • By the way, my friend Gloria, who used to be Ann Widdecombe's secretary, used to manage The Ramones, who sang Sheena is a Punk Rocker.

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  • This led anti-comics crusader Frederic Wertham to label Sheena's adventures "torture, bloodshed and lust in an exotic setting" in his 1954 book "Seduction of the Innocent," which was instrumental in the great comic-book witch-hunt of the mid-1950s.


  • Alex from Strolls they won't leave my dog alone with that medina thing I went up to this girl she said "Hi, my name Sheena" I thought she'd be good to go with a little funk cold medina, she said "I'd like a drink", I said "ok, I'll go get it" and then a couple of sips, she cold licked her lips and I knew that she was with it so I took her to my crib and everything went well as Drag to Playlist - Articles related to Kelly Clarkson coming to Malaysia

  • Instead of pouncing on the mouse, the 12-year-old African leopard, called Sheena, simply watched as it fed on scraps of meat thrown into its enclosure.

    Amazing Photo of a Mouse Stealing Food From Leopard | Impact Lab

  • Coolest gang of serial world will soon miss sensuous Sheena aka Preeti Keswaani.

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  • But instead of pouncing on the the tiny intruder the 12-year-old leopard, called Sheena, appeared to be afraid of the daring mouse and kept her distance.

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  • "Die Hard" screenwriter Steven de Souza gave us an exclusive preview of the upcoming "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle" miniseries he's writing, and told us which actress should put on a leopard-skin bikini for a live-action "Sheena" movie.

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  • Along with the warm reception the first volume of "Sheena" has received thus far -- the New York Times even name-checked the character in their Spring 2008 Fashion Guide -- the writer admits being pleasantly surprised by the level of interest the series has received from notable female artists, including Rebekah Isaacs, who will provide interior art for the series on several issues.

    ‘Die Hard’ Screenwriter Steven De Souza Talks ‘Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle,’ Previews Issue #1


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