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  • proper n. A female given name. A variant of Catherine.
  • proper n. The 11th hurricane of the 2005 season, which caused catastrophic damage to Louisiana, Mississippi and parts of Alabama.


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  • Diary Entry by Louisiana (about the author) yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Katrina Shorthand vs. the Federal Flood: Why This Matters'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Often when people including those in government and the mainstream media who should know better refer to the events of 8/29, it is merely as \'Katrina\' or \'Hurricane Katrina\ '.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Katrina Shorthand vs. the Federal Flood: Why This Matters

  • UNIDENTIFIED KATRINA VICTIM: Katrina destroyed families and homes who with normal red blooded American family and one day it took to wipe us out.

    CNN Transcript May 9, 2008

  • Reply: subtlety rice's behavior during katrina was ham-handed and oafish, while the secretary of state should be, as the head diplomat, the most cognizant of the subtleties of all the issues facing America, and certainly a horrific disaster of the proportions of Katrina.

    The Mideast Peace Summit-- Joke, Holy Grail, Fool's Errand and Bush's Hell

  • KATRINA IS LIVING MONUMENT OF BUSH INEPTITUDE yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'KATRINA IS LIVING MONUMENT OF BUSH INEPTITUDE'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: On the second anniversary of hurricane Katrina ~ New Orleans is a never ending reminder of the soft and corrupt underbelly of the Cheney/Bush administration with its running themes of social injustice, political corruption, economic inequity and racial discrimination.


  • There are groups for single mothers, victims of domestic abuse, survivors of Hurricane Katrina (the That Bitch * Katrina* club), people who go to tanning salons too much, and people infatuated with bad sitcoms (Full House Still Kicks Ass — member count, 1,089).

    Will Success Spoil

  • "UNNECESSARY" FOR THE GOP AFTER KATRINA - TAKING FEMA DIRECTOR OFF THE FEDERAL PAYROLL: CNN this week reported that FEMA official Mike Brown, who supposedly left the government after his mishandling of the Katrina aftermath, is still "being paid as a consultant to help FEMA assess what went wrong in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina."

    Republicans Tell America What They Think Is "Necessary" and "Unnecessary"

  • "UNNECESSARY" FOR THE GOP AFTER KATRINA - CRACKING DOWN ON OIL INDUSTRY PROFITEERING: So far, congressional Republicans and the White House have rejected Democratic calls to institute a windfall profits tax on the oil industry profiteers who are using Katrina to bilk consumers.

    Republicans Tell America What They Think Is "Necessary" and "Unnecessary"

  • KATRINA: "Bush did not ask a single question during the final briefing before Katrina struck on Aug. 29, but he assured state officials: 'We are fully prepared.'"

    Naples Daily News Stories

  • Note that this is in distinction to the use of #katrina in a post, which does not indicate that it is an emergency post, just someone commenting on Katrina, for example in regard to local Lousiana politics.


  • No less ominous was the fact, as pointed out by the classically inclined, that the name Katrina had its roots in the Greek katheros, or “cleansing.”

    The Lampshade


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