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  • noun a dance performed by dancers in a line, or several lines, consisting mainly of hand and arm movements; also, the name of the song to which the dance is usually performed. It became popular in 1996.

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  • noun Alternative form of Macarena.


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  • "Macarena" is a song by Los del Río about a woman of the same name, or any woman from the La Macarena neighbourhood of Seville. It was very successful between 1995 and 1997.

    The song became the second longest running #1 and best selling debut single of all time in the US. It was ranked the "#1 Greatest One-Hit Wonder of all Time" by VH1 in 2002. The song was associated with a distinctive fast dance. The song originally had no dance, and it eventually caught on with the rest of the world. The Macarena dance is performed in time with the refrain of the song. To perform the dance,

    One places his/her arms forward, palm down, right arm, then left arm.

    Then the dancer turns his arms over so that his palms are up, right, then left.

    The dancer puts his hands on his shoulders, first right hand on left shoulder, then left on right.

    Then the dancer puts his hands on the back of his head, again right, then left.

    The dancer then places his arms on his hips, right hand on left hip, then left on right

    Then the dancer's hands go on their respective hips or rear end, right then left

    The routine finishes with a pelvic rotation in time with the line "Ehhhh Macarena!"

    Then the dancer turns 90 degrees counter clockwise and repeats the same motions throughout the whole song.


    February 25, 2008