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  • adv. In an English way.


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English +‎ -ly


  • Englishly, he deplores confrontation and can find a way to paint any blood-feud in the colours of unfortunate misunderstanding.

    XML People: Tim B on TimBL

  • Yet it has been piddling down very Englishly for days on end.

    A very wet drought

  • He's the first English -- Hanoverian -- that is, coming from the House of Hanover, who's Englishly -- English-trained, English-born and thoroughly Anglicized, with lots of ambition to be a real king.

    The American Revolution: A History

  • In our May number we spoke old Englishly of the Boston demoiselle.

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 2, No. 1, July, 1862

  • They consisted in anglicizing French nouns and verbs and then conjugating and pronouncing them Englishly, or _vice versâ_.

    Peter Ibbetson

  • Of course the castle and the wealth, or the hotels and parade, are well to the fore, or boldly displayed, as Englishly as possible, while the little Welsh town shrinks quietly into the hollow behind.

    The Gypsies

  • It's such a trippingly familiar cliché, so Englishly replete with the hand-me-down vanity of tradition, the authority of history, the sonorous tic of convention.

    NYT > Opinion

  • But it was still great fun - each chapter is named after a type of candy, there are some very funny exchanges with the Cirrinis' supersitious, Englishly-challenged maid, and there's still definitely some magic - my favourite part by far were the books that literally follow Chloe around Finding Forgiveness, which wants her to forgive her cheating boyfriend, gets completely battle-scarred as she tries to get rid of it and it has to team up with another self-help book.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • The sight of Nelson’s upper body, which he kept Englishly under wraps for as much of the year as possible, was a rare thing indeed.

    The Little Lady Agency and the Prince


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