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  • adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Esperanto
  • n. A specialist or speaker of Esperanto, the international auxiliary language designed by L. Ł. Zamenhof.


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From Esperanto Esperantisto, from Esperanto + the suffix -ist, meaning connected with, habitually occupied with or specialist in.


  • And how do Esperantist treat words that have no immediate diametrical opposite - like for instance colours verdo - malverdo? SUIOGOTHIC.

  • For example, a good Esperantist friend of mine is presently studying Lithuanian in preparation for his trip to Vilnius for this summer's World Esperanto Conventionhe also studied Croatian before participating in the World Esperanto Convention in Zagreb in 2001, and Swedish before participating in the World Esperanto Convention in Gothenburg in 2003. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • The act of using one's native language with an Esperantist of the same mother tongue, referred to with the Esperanto neologism krokodilado, is one of the great taboos of the Esperanto movement and generally invites a scolding from other members of the movement. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • The response of many Esperantist is that I don't take Esperanto seriously. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • On the other hand there are the Esperantist who act insulted by the suggestion that Esperanto has no culture, claiming a status of Esperanto culture equal to Flemish culture, as if any group identity can be compared to a full blown national cultural identity. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • Ask anyone who is not an Esperantist to name an Esperanto writer, and you get zip, zilch, nothing. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • To me, as someone who cares about real language, Esperantist propaganda is offensive. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • Any Internet discussion on language loss sooner or later attracts the attention of an Esperantist, who brings along a whole bunch of sympathisers, who start dominating the discussion, twisting any real problem around into a simplified and corrupted version of what they call "The language problem", that only has one solution: Esperanto. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • The big enemy in the eyes of Esperantist advocates is the English language and its associated culture. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.

  • Esperantist ideology not only opposes the use of ethnic languages, it is equally hostile to artificially derived languages other than Esperanto. REPRESSIVE ESPERANTO.


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