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  • n. Acronym of Friend of a friend.


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    FOAF is DOA?

  • FOAF is used to identify people and their projects, the calendar data comes from the iCalendar vocabulary, with instance data being translated from. ics and hCalendar microformats.

    FOAF is DOA?

  • This means that Apple intends (or at least as far as I can make out from reading the tea leaves) to use the Address Book as a store for feed authors ... and that — who knows — you may end up using your Address Book to read feeds from so-called "ABPersons" or, moreover, their interest in FOAF might have been a means to automagically grab your list of friends (say, from LiveJournal) to populate your Address Book — then, using ATOM discovery and the PubSub. framework, could have pulled in feed updates from all your friends, giving you effectively a local social network that could power — who knows what kinds of applications!

    Apple source code pointing to social features? | FactoryCity

  • This information will be encoded in an RDF dialect called FOAF Friend of a Friend.

    google's first mistake - Anil Dash

  • And there's tools for displaying FOAF in a human-readable form - since when viewed directly it's just a bunch of code - such as FOAF Explorer take a look at what it thinks of my FOAF for example, but again, it only knows about vocabularies it's been told how to support.

    Snell-Pym » Social Networking

  • Further down the road, I hope to figure out how to import data, such as FOAF or Portable Contacts data, and how to export data in formats like vCards or iCalendars.

    Orient Lodge

  • Again depending on demand the 0.2 version will have support for inserting RDFa in designer view via the Tag Chooser, also some tool bar items to insert sample RDFa blocks such as FOAF,

    SitePoint » News & Trends

  • This was helpful for people knowing the JSON API, but it wasn't easy to interlink the converted information with existing SemWeb data such as FOAF, or the various TwitterBot, but yesterday I added a couple of new features and finally had a go at implementing a (forward chaining) rule evaluator (for the reasons

    Planet RDF

  • There you will find classes for Person and Organization and properties for names and addresses, completely ignoring the millions of pieces of data using well established terms from FOAF and the like.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Example of FOAF - twitter account marked up in page, can pull in tweets.

    Archive 2009-05-01


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  • There was even an effort called FOAF (which stands for “friend of a friend” and is pronounced “fofe”) that described the social network between individuals. The New Republic

    December 28, 2015