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  • Fitch, John 1743-1798. American steamboat pioneer whose early designs (1787-1790) were successful but received insufficient financial backing for large-scale production.


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  • I actually started to turn the page when the name Fitch struck me and I sat up and spread the paper out to read under the picture.


  • And lest you think it's a failed writer's attempt at self-publishing, Fitch is published conventionally - his second novel Senseless is even praised by no lesser a writer than Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee.

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  • Not surprisingly, Crosbie Fitch is among those contributing his views, saying »»»

    Copyright — for or against?

  • But in truth Fitch is far more downbeat, with uncertainties about China 's real fiscal position meaning the country gets a relatively low rating for one with such a strong position on paper.

    Rating China

  • Fitch is worried, too, that China 's bank-lending binge in the last two years will go sour sooner or later, requiring some form of government bailout.

    Rating China

  • But it 's also true that most government bonds are held by domestic banks — the same institutions Fitch is so worried about.

    Rating China

  • One thing 's for sure: If Fitch is right, it will mainly be a problem only for domestic bond holders.

    Rating China

  • Specifically of concern to Fitch is part of the rule that appears to divide senior creditors 'claims by their maturity dates and purpose.

    Fitch May Cut Banks' Ratings

  • It appears Fitch is the only rating agency even attempting to do it's job.

    Archive 2008-01-27

  • The Maine Supreme Judicial Court has released its decision in Fitch v. Doe, ruling that a plaintiff who claimed that he had been injured by an anonymous Internet user could enforce a subpoena to identify the person who sent the email.

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