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  • A city of north-central Honshu, Japan, north-northeast of Tokyo. It is a trade and transportation center. Population: 290,000.

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  • proper n. a city in Japan.
  • proper n. a prefecture in Japan.
  • proper n. a Japanese surname.


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From Japanese 福島.


  • It would be another hour before events conspired to make the name Fukushima synonymous with the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. -- Top News

  • Though much of the prefecture is far from the reactors, the name Fukushima may quickly become synonymous with "nuclear accident."

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  • Kazuichi Ishii, an official with Iwaki City, says when people around the world hear the name Fukushima, they group it with Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, the sites of the two other major nuclear accidents.

    Fukushima Farmers Worry About Region's Brand

  • The premier had to replace his industry minister in September after he referred to the Fukushima nuclear disaster zone a "city of death."

    Japan Upper House Censures Two Ministers

  • Fish from Chiba and Ibaraki two neighbouring prefectures are all caught from the same area of the sea, yet only ours aren't selling well because they are labelled 'Fukushima.'

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  • It’s obvious by the end of volume two that Fukushima is just randomly throwing ideas at the series, hoping something will click for her.

    Del Rey Chibis: Negima!? Neo 3, Orange Planet 1 & 2, Princess Resurrection 6 & 7, Pumpkin Scissors 3-5 » Manga Worth Reading

  • Still, some experts question the real-life application of the cushion including Masataka Fukushima, director of Japan Structural Consultants Association.

    Tire-Soil Mixture Buffers From Quakes

  • Mr. Candris said that "if you are looking for a silver lining in the cloud called Fukushima, it's probably that it doesn't make sense to build anything but a design with passive features and an ability to withstand a complete loss of power"—advantages which he said the AP1000 offers.

    U.S. Clears Reactor Design

  • Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency/Associated Press Some 60 essential staff live on the reactor site in a heavily shielded building, leading to early impressions that the fate of the reactor-cooling effort hung in the hands of a crew somewhat misleadingly dubbed the Fukushima 50.

    The Battle for Fukushima Daiichi

  • In theory, they are designed to be able to cope with threats like terrorist attacks and natural disasters, like the tsunami and earthquake that hit Fukushima, which is an earlier generation reactor.

    Europe's Nuclear Debate at Forefront After Japan Disaster


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