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  • noun A spurious genus of crustaceans, representing a stage of stomatopodous crustaceans, for which the term is still in use.


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  • July 29, 2009 at 5:33 AM hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mix then wash gets the yellow out no problem alima

    Get Rid Of Underarm Stains And Keep Them Away | Lifehacker Australia

  • Upon the next table (21) are the sea craw-fish and sea locusts; and upon the succeeding table (22) the visitor will remark the destructive scorpion-lobster of India, the excavations of which seriously damage the roads of that part of the world; Shrimps in all their varieties; the delicate alima, with its pale thin shell; and the long king crab.

    How to See the British Museum in Four Visits

  • What seduced Ibn ’Arabi above all was Nizam’s intelligence: She was a religious sciences expert alima . . .

    Scheherazade Goes West

  • ‘Ulamá, from the Arabic alima, to know, may be translated learned men, scientists, religious authorities.

    The Secret of Divine Civilization


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