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  • abbr. gamma-hydroxybutyrate

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  • gamma-hydroxybutyrate, or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid. Often used as a date rape drug.

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  • n. a club drug available in liquid or powder form is taken orally (frequently combined with alcohol); used to incapacitate individuals for the commission of sexual assault and rape


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  • Another prosecutor, Timothy Walsh, calls GHB-fueled sex assaults the "perfect crime" since the liquid poison is colorless, odorless and frighteningly easy to use.

    'The Perfect Crime'

  • Researchers found that chemicals in the dots can break down into a form of GHB, which is also known as the date rape drug or liquid ecstasy.

    CNN Transcript Nov 10, 2007

  • The "Daily News" is saying that some of the people who are engaged in the pro wrestling world have been known to use GHB, which is also known as the date rape drug.

    CNN Transcript Jul 2, 2007

  • What's happening, what appears to be happening is that a chemical on the outside of these toys subsequently gets metabolized by the body, and it's metabolized into the substance you mentioned known as GHB, or gamma hydroxybuterate.

    CNN Transcript Nov 8, 2007

  • What seems to be the culprit here is something known as GHB, as it was mentioned, gamma hydroxyl butyrate.

    CNN Transcript Nov 8, 2007

  • VELEZ-MITCHELL: And finally, GHB, which is the "date rape drug."

    CNN Transcript Jul 5, 2007

  • And this is the chemical cousin, or analogue, to GHB, which is something you might have heard of before.

    CNN Transcript Nov 7, 2005

  • With a drug like GHB, which is odorless, which you can't necessarily ...

    CNN Transcript Jan 31, 2002

  • Tests this week confirmed that the clear liquid was GBL, a key ingredient in the date rape drug GHB, which is known on the street by such names as Everclear, Easy Lay, Georgia Homeboy, Liquid Ecstasy or Salty Water.

    Reuters: Press Release

  • Gamma hydroxybutyrate, a sedative also known as GHB, is the active ingredient in Xyrem and the new fibromyalgia medicine. -- Top News


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