from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Within an atom.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Situated or acting within an atom.


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  • A peculiar bauble indeed, impossible of duplication because of some subtlety of intra-atomic arrangement, and possessing peculiar and dire potentialities.

    Galactic Patrol

  • Take all this stuff, for instance; especially their ability to transform iron into a fluid allotrope, and in that form to use its intra-atomic energy as power.


  • It's hard to say that anything's impossible, of course, except things made so by definition or by being contrary to observational facts, but the best work shows that intra-atomic energy is just about as impossible as anything can well be.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • Besides, if he had either radioactive accumulators or intra-atomic energy, he would have cut us up long ago.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • Those radiations originate we know not where, probably as a result of intra-atomic reactions.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • It is also evident that they have solved the secret of intra-atomic energy.

    Skylark Three

  • It may be that they had not anticipated as much resistance as we could offer with space-ships and intra-atomic energy.

    Skylark Three

  • Dropping her unceremoniously to the floor he stared through the telescope sight of an enormous ray-generator which had automatically aligned itself upon the distant point of liberation of intra-atomic energy which had caused the alarm to sound.

    Skylark Three

  • Whereas he had worked with intra-atomic energy schoolboy fashion, the master craftsman before him knew every reagent, every reaction, and worked with known and thoroughly familiar agencies to bring about his exactly predetermined ends -- just as calmly certain of the results as Seaton himself would have been in his own laboratory, mixing equivalent quantities of solutions of barium chloride and of sulphuric acid to obtain a precipitate of barium sulphate.

    Skylark Three

  • As she proceeded, however, the warnings of the liberation of intra-atomic energy grew stronger and stronger, and both men scanned their path intensely for a sight of the source of the disturbance, while their velocity was cut to only a few hundred miles an hour.

    Skylark Three


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