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  • n. Symbol for the gigajoule, an SI unit of work or energy equal to 109 joules.
  • abbr. GJ the prefix of catalog entries in the Gliese star catalog, for the Gliese-Jahreiss expansion
  • abbr. by extension, prefix for any catalogued in the Gliese star catalog


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  • Of course GJ is right to observe the sad decline of the independent bookseller (someone has made a similar comment to my chick-lit posting immediately before this one).


  • So I think GJ is incorrect to say: "English literary culture, in sharp contrast to the musical and fine arts culture, has retreated into a safe little Englander mentality, imagining that merely by writing ‘about’ great events and deep subjects you are producing great and deep works of literature."


  • But GJ is wrong, I think, to imply that their absence signifies a literary desert.


  • If a member of the GJ is feeding him stuff, well, a crime is being committed.

    Think Progress » BREAKING: Rove’s Legal Troubles More Extensive Than Previously Reported

  • The planet currently bares the name GJ 1214b, and while Charbonneau says it's probably not habitable (because of the 400-degree Fahrenheit surface temperature), it's not too far off the mark.

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  • The scientists say the newly discovered world, called GJ 436c, orbits its host star in 5.2 Earth days and completes a revolution in 4.2 Earth days.

    Space Diary: Life beyond Earth

  • First discovered in 2004, the planet, called GJ 436 b, is about 22 times more massive than Earth.

    Exotic World Said to Harbor ‘Hot Ice’ | Impact Lab

  • And the decision was made and approved again at the highest level of the government, of -- of the military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to give the Soviets a nerve gas formula called GJ, which was part of the G series, like sarin -- it was called GB and so on, some of it was GD.

    Cassidy's Run: The Street Spy War Over Nerve Gas

  • The researchers estimate that the planet, called GJ 667Cc, is at least 4.5 times as massive as Earth, which makes it a

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  • This planet, called GJ 667Cb, takes 7.2 days to circle the star but its location makes it far too hot to sustain liquid water on its surface.

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